All Sessions Are In ENGLISH. Sessions Are NOT Translated!

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

1st Peter 4:10

Reveal the Divine Purpose of Your Life

The soul’s ultimate journey is to connect to its true Divine Self. It will be in a state of feeling lost, confused, and empty until it can reach its ultimate desire. Love is the key. Mankind has yet to understand that love is what makes up the universe.  When one is dealing with any emotion that is not working towards the Light, one is only allowed to go so far. There is only so much information that is available to them. Love is the basic building block. When one has love all possibilities exist, bringing back the concepts of Light.

My name is Crystal, and I welcome you with much love and many blessings. All that one needs to know is inside of them. I work with the Divine to help others remember who they truly are. My tarot readings are at the soul level. We will connect with the Divine and your energy to receive messages that the Divine Ones want you to know. This allows you to move forward on your own journey with knowledge and understanding. This is very powerful information to have as it will bring you new perspectives and nudging from within your soul to guide you on your predestined path.

Please note My sessions are for those who are ready to do their soul work and step into their path of Lightwork or are Lightworkers. I do not give tarot readings that will tell you if you will win the lotto, if your significant other is cheating or if your ex will return. There are numerous other readers that will be happy to help you with that information.

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Earlier this year, I was in flow. One moment I was walking my dog in the woods and the next I was inherently aware that we are here to love each and help each other. I learned during that time that there are no coincidences and the signs are everywhere. So, when Awaken The Oracle came across my news feed I felt compelled to engage. I've never participated in anything like this, but I really needed guidance. What Crystal told to me through her reading is still revealing itself. I review her reading from time to time and recognize more and more of the wisdom and foretelling the reading provided. I am forever changed as a result, and truly grateful and thankful for the divine intervention that connected me. Love and peace


I found my reading to be very helpful and inspirational. It was just what I needed to hear at the time. I was surprised at how accurate it was. Like bang on to what I've been going through. Quite remarkable. I keep going back to the reading for guidance, and a reminder that I'm on the right track. I found Crystal to be a genuine, gentle and compassionate person. I plan to go back for another reading.
Thank you!


I enjoyed my reading very much. It confirmed things for me. I feel I am better prepared to travel my path and to embrace the changes that are to come. Also I am more consciously aware of my spirit guides from having this reading. Thank you!