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Why Am I An Empath?

Why am I an Empath?

Why Am I An Empath?

I’m about to get real. Judge me all you want. I don’t care. Someone needs to be honest here. 

Empath- You are the conduit for the divine. You have been chosen. There is a purpose to you being an Empath. The Creator will use you to heal another. That’s your job. It’s part of your journey..emPATH.

There are thousands of us walking the earthly plane, here to be the conduit and help the divine heal those who are broken or preparing to cross over. I don’t know who was the person that started the statement “I do not have to fix others” Now all I hear is people saying over and over “oh I’m an empath, but it’s not my job to fix others” WRONG. You honestly believe the Creator gave you a gift and you are to do nothing about it but walk around and say you're an empath?  Really? We are all here to be of service to others. To love one another. Everyone who has their abilities open is supposed to do the work. Part of that responsibility is to help others heal. If you can feel them then the Creator will use you to heal them. 

I’m not going to sit here and tell you being an empath is the greatest thing in the world because it’s not. Some souls are really broken.

  • You have to know your boundaries and ask the Creator questions like is this person in my life or do they need to be healed. It’s a VERY thin line. If you ask, the divine will answer. Then you know your next steps. 
  • You must be protected at all times and know your own energy so you know when you walk out that door and you pick up on something, you’ll know it’s not yours. As you do it you learn just like any other job. 
  • It is also a huge responsibility and can be intimidating. That’s someone’s soul, you don’t want to damage it more. Again you are the conduit, the divine will remove them if it gets to that point. You will not be able to help them all. That one’s hard, The Creator will send a replacement for those you cannot help. 
  • There are Spiritual Attacks/Psychic Attacks. Nobody likes to talk about that, they like to dodge that topic. I once heard an instructor glaze over this topic and I was taken aback by it. Her reasoning was she didn’t want to scare off her students and they will not do their work. Umm okay so let your students walk blindly into situations and not know how to handle them. Good job (not) I have also read books where these “Spiritual Teachers” say there is no evil in the world, that is the biggest lie ever. You ask a true spiritual worker and they will very gently tell you evil does exist. We can feel around us at all times. By keeping yourself protected and knowing your own energy they don’t happen very often and can easily be cleared.  
  • You may be thinking well I have free will. No you don’t. You agreed to this before you incarnated here. This is why you are here. The divine said the Earth was a hot mess and you said okay I will do my part and help. You made that vow.  It’s part of your purpose and has been written on your soul. How do you think these souls can feel you and be led to you? If you choose to ignore this part of yourself, you will have to do it again in another lifetime. You think the Earthly plane is bad now, I can promise you this, when you do come back it’s not going to be pretty, think 100 times worse. 
"While the earth is not our home, we have an assignment for the time on this side of eternity.
We have a mission. We are not here by accident or happenstance. Find the mission God has called you to." Tim Tebow


By not helping the divine heal those who the Creator has sent to you, you make that task much harder for those who are, not to mention doubling their workload. You are also doing yourself a huge disservice. It is such a beautiful process, being the conduit, seeing and experiencing the divine at work healing a broken soul, from start to finish. It’s absolutely amazing.

These souls who come into your life will be there for months or years, and even moments, where you're asking yourself what just happened? The ones that are in your life for some time will come back and tell you thank you and continue with how you helped them. You will never see them again. Be cautious of your attachment to them, it will hurt when they leave if you do not. I remember very clearly the first person who came back. I was shocked when they told me, I don't know what to say. Finally after a few moments I said thank you and explained it wasn’t me, I’m just the conduit, it was the divine. 

This has continued for over 20 years for me. I am now obviously comfortable with it and I’m greatly appreciative of it. I love hearing people’s stories, their journey’s, their soul’s preparing to go back home. I embrace who I am and what is expected of me. I won’t ever go back.

So the next time some random person walks up to you and wants to talk, stop and think for a moment before walking away from them. Think about that vow you took, ask yourself, am I really going to continue hiding who I am, am I really going to continue walking away from my purpose, from the divine?

Buckle up buttercup, get out of your comfort zone, embrace the gift the Creator has given to you, and do the work that has been written on your soul.

Why Am I an Empath?


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