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Daily Affirmations

Two of Swords


Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.
1st Peter 4:10

This reverts back to the 2 of Swords card. It's about how your thoughts and words are sent out into the universe. It's a boomerang effect. If you put negative thoughts and hateful words out into the universe, this become your reality. It's the same with positive thoughts and words of love, compassion, kindness, mercy, generosity. 

These thought and words are not only centered on others, but also yourself. Here are positive daily affirmations to send out to the universe for others and for you. Believe in the words as you read them, even if you have to repeat them over and over. 


The Power of I AM
Everything You Put into the Universe will come back to you
Read these “I AM” Affirmations Out Loud Daily and wait for the boomerang effect

       I AM EQUIPPED                                               I AM PROSPEROUS

        I AM WISE                                                        I AM VICTORIOUS

        I AM HAPPY                                                     I AM POSITIVE

        I AM STRONG                                                  I AM VALUABLE

        I AM CONFIDENT                                             I AM ACCEPTED

        I AM SUCCESSFUL                                          I AM QUALIFIED

        I AM SECURE                                                    I AM DISCIPLINED

        I AM WORTHY                                                   I AM MOTIVATED

        I AM APPROVED                                               I AM RESPONSIBLE

         I AM DETERMINED                                           I AM GIFTED

         I AM EXCELLENT                                              I AM COURAGEOUS

         I AM FOCUSED                                                  I AM ENOUGH

         I AM AT PEACE                                                  I AM PROTECTED

        I AM GRATEFUL                                                  I AM DYNAMIC                       

         I AM EMPOWERED                                             I AM PREPARED

        I AM HEALTHY                                                     I AM LOVED



Much Love,

Awaken the Oracle