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How Do I Create My Sacred Space For Tarot Readings?

How Do I Set Up My Sacred Space For Tarot Readings?

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

1st Peter 4:10

How Do I Create My Sacred Space For Tarot Readings?

Your workspace for your tarot or oracle readings is very important. Not only do you want an appealing, attractive, and comforting space for your clients but also to bring in the Angels and Spirit for more powerful, on point readings. 

I think we have all seen the wonderful tarot readers on YouTube and have noticed how they have their space set up. Personally I think Consciousness Evolution Journey has the most beautiful workspace set up on YouTube and she changes it frequently for her readings. Not only is she truly spiritually gifted in her healing work but she really goes the extra mile for her audience.

But do you know why? The purpose is not only to captivate the client but also for protection. Spiritual attacks can happen to you and your client if you don’t have the protection needed. Every experienced spiritual worker is aware of this and has experienced it at one time or other. Working in this field is not to be taken lightly. When working in the spiritual realms as you are pulling in divine energies positive and negative to work with your clients. You are also pulling in your clients energy, positive or negative. Protection is always needed:

White Candles: It’s purity and love. The flame of the white candle gives protection to you and your client coming from Spirit/ Source/God, however you resonate with Him. This is a must have for all readings. 

Sage or Incense: This should be used for cleaning your deck after EACH tarot reading- oracle reading. It removes the energy left from your client’s reading, even YouTube general readings. You do not want any negative energy lingering on the cards or your space. If you do not clean the space and cards you are bringing the previous energy into the new readings. Sage or Incense also cleans 

and removes the energy in the air, purifying it. I actually do a monthly sage cleaning in my entire home bi weekly. The energy is very unbalanced with world events at the moment. 

Crystals: Crystals are also important to have as they help strengthen your readings. They help to pull in Spirit and the Angels for stronger on point readings. Must haves are crystal quartz for clear readings and purity, rose quartz for love and peace. For added protection have either smoky quartz or black tourmaline with the others to block any negative energies from coming in. 

If you are a tarot reader or oracle reader who enjoys working with the angels you can also use colored candles to represent the main Watch Tower Archangels and their crystals. For stronger readings place them in the direction that coincides with them. You will need a compass app to do this:

Archangel Raphael: East- Green- Place green candles and crystals in the East Side of your workspace. Archangel Raphael provides healing of the mind, body and soul.

Archangel Michael: South- Blue- Place blue candles and crystals in the South Side of your workspace. Archangel Michael provides protection and truth

Archangel Gabriel: West- White- Place white candles and crystals in the West Side of your workspace. Archangel Gabriel brings healing to the emotional body and better communication

Archangel Uriel: North- Red- Place red candles and crystals in the North Side of your workspace. Archangel Uriel brings inspiration, balance, and peace.  

There are crystals that provide assistance in gaining angelic contact. They are:

Angelite, Larimar, Celestite, and Angel Phantom.

Now that you know what is needed to set up your workspace there is one more item I want to touch base on. Before doing any tarot reading or oracle reading there should be a prayer for protection for you and your clients, again do this before any reading. 

Prayer for Tarot readers, Oracle Readers, and clients: 

Great Spirit and Creator,

I ask you today for your supernatural protection both personally and for my client (Name of Client). Please station angels around our homes and families to guard them from danger. I ask that you remove any negative entities or darkness from this room and our space. 

I ask that everything that comes through today be for our best and highest good. May everything heal, inspire, and empower us across all dimensions of time and space. I know your hand will protect us and lead us into your shadow where we can rest and be safe. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you (must be three times)  

Prayer for Tarot Readers and Oracle Readers:

Once per day before you start your day for readings:

Jesus, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raziel, Archangel Gabriel, My spirit guides, my angels, and my ancestors from all four corners of the Earth… I call on you to protect me during my readings. Please surround me with millions of layers of pink unconditional love and millions of layers of Christ consciousness white light, followed by millions of layers of Archangel Michael’s royal blue light. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. 

Much Love,

Awaken The Oracle