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Taurus April 29th Birthday Angel Messages

Taurus April 29th Birthday Angel Messages



This is a message that your faith in the angelic and spiritual realms has opened doors of opportunity that will assist you along your path. Take up these opportunities with confidence and the inner-knowing that they have appeared in your life for a reason (or reasons). Your angels encourage you to listen to your intuition and continue on your path with enthusiasm and passion.

The angels are fully supporting and guiding you along the steps of your life path and soul journey. You have been determined and diligent in your daily actions and lightworking duties, and have listened to the guidance from the angels. Have faith and trust that all is going to the Divine plan in your life.

The angels are guiding and assisting you with finding your personal niche and beginning a spiritual practice or career. Listen to your intuition for the next steps to take in regards to your life purpose as a lightworker. Your determined efforts will have long term benefits.

They may also be referring to the ending and/or conclusion of an event, project, situation or circumstance. Just because a situation or relationship ends it does not mean that there is something ‘wrong’ with you, nor does it lessen your self-worth.


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