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Am I an Earth Angel? Part Two

Am I an Earth Angel Part Two




Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

1st Peter 4:10


Am I An Earth Angel?

Earth Angels and Religion

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In this newest series we will go over if you or your client is an Earth Angel, what it means to be an Earth Angel, and how to deal with the difficulties that arise during your journey.

Earth Angels and Religion, Spirituality, Faith & The Earth Angel 

This is a highly touchy subject...probably because it affects so many of us at such a deep level. Our spiritual beliefs are ones we hold close to our hearts and guard ardently. On some level they help define us and give our lives focus, meaning and purpose both as individuals and as communities.

As far as Earth Angels...well they come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to spiritual beliefs, from Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, etc to those who follow a more new age/metaphysical spiritual belief system...the range is endless. You name it... there is probably an Earth Angel mixed in there somewhere. As an Earth Angel you have probably wandered through many churches, temples and more than likely been brought up following some kind of faith through your family, and this was no accident. You chose your parents because in some way they could support your role on earth while you found your own path and for most parents taking you to their church or teaching you to follow their religion was what they felt was best for you. On some level if you reflect maybe it was? What is meant by that is that for Earth Angels, an early experience of organized religion may have triggered a reaction within you where you then went on a journey to find “your” truth instead of just accepting what you were told to be true. Interestingly, Earth Angels as children tend to question religious ideals from a very young age. 

Your journey with your beliefs and faiths is exactly that.. your journey. Deep in your heart you know what you feel to be true and whether you find that truth through following a religion or just living your life with your own idea of the universe and faith is perfectly acceptable. Earth Angels have a great sense of truth and can sense when they are hearing it, which makes it very hard for people to “con” them into believing that what they are saying is the truth. 

But at the same time, faith is something more than just about religion or spiritual beliefs. In fact it transcends those things in a way. This is because there is faith in beliefs and then there is faith in yourself. And while beliefs differ, believing in ourselves does not. There we all stand in the same people with issues, problems, and pain.

It can be seen as it's just different levels of the same thing, where at one level you can see differences and at another you can't. And when you strip away all of the differences, you have a very human level. But at the human level, where it is about faith in ourselves, it's also about faith in others. And therein lays our connection....through empathy and compassion. 

A Lot of the time these things get confused because they are blinded by the differences. It's hard to strip away those things to find the things that connect us to one another, because differences have been so ingrained in us that we tend to look for those instead of those connections. But whether we see them or not...they do exist.

Faith comes in many shapes and sizes, just like Earth Angels, and just like religious and spiritual beliefs. And it's not all about the spiritual. Sometimes it's simply about the very human connections we have.

So as much as your religious and/or spiritual beliefs help define you and your purpose in life, you are more than that if you are willing to see it. You are not just a label or a product of a belief system. You're a human being.


Earth Angels and Spiritual Initiations

Initiations are as old as the earliest civilizations. The ancient Egyptians learned that the performance of various acts, and the use of certain objects, helped to facilitate instruction, so that mystical ideas were more easily impressed upon the minds of students.

In fact, in ancient Rome the mysteries were called initia. The initiates were called mystae. The Latin word initiate meant “to inspire,” and initium meant “beginning” or “training.” Thus, candidates for initiation were introduced to an inspiring knowledge that was to make an emotional or psychic impression upon their consciousness as well as to add to their knowledge.

In a dramatic way, a spiritual initiation sheds light and clarity upon certain subjects which otherwise may not be thoroughly understood and appreciated. Further, the mystical aspect of initiation arouses your psychic and emotional response concerning the subjects you are about to study and produces an awareness, a state of consciousness which otherwise could not be achieved.

Even in antiquity when seekers travelled thousands of miles to reach ancient temples so as to be initiated and receive instructions from the Masters, they understood that true initiation—meaning illumination of consciousness—would come only when they were prepared or ready on the inner plane, whether or not they were in a temple or proceeding through a ceremony or ritual at that particular time. 

For all of us on a spiritual journey where we have made a commitment to reawaken ourselves, to find the truth of who we really are: we begin a process what is overseen by the spiritual realm, we go back to school so to speak, but it’s a bit like reverse school, in that we go through a journey of unlearning bad habits and negative emotions, thoughts and behaviors to rediscover the “child of light within”. We go through a journey of training and initiations to reconnect with our inner child, our purest state which we arrived in, in this physical incarnation. That doesn’t mean we all start acting like small children, it means we free ourselves from the emotional and mental baggage that we have built up over the years that prevent us from seeing the world through a child's eyes. A place where we don’t judge ourselves or others, a place where we have no fear and trust everything is going to be fine, a place where even the tiniest ant fascinates us and the world of nature is a paradise of colors and joy. It is from this place that you learn to run your consciousness, from your heart chakra.

The journey to reawaken the spirit within will start with small lessons, if you don’t learn the lesson you will just have to repeat it until you do. The trick is to realize that you are in a lesson because spirit won't tell you, you have to work it out. So, for example if you spend your days judging people for being overweight, then you will keep seeing overweight people until you find it strange that all you see are overweight people, and at that point you need to stop and think, “what is the message here’. Then what happens is you suddenly catch yourself doing it and you stop, and it happens again and you stop, and just when you think you’ve cleared that bad habit you will be sent a final test to see if it's really gone. 

As an Earth Angel, your hardest initiations will be around holding your light. This may have played out by you having to experience an unhappy childhood where the people that you loved you the most treated you in the worst way, or you may have had relationships with partners who were violent, or mentally cruel. The lessons we learn from those experiences change us forever and we go forward in life not ever willing to allow another person to treat us that way ever again, to be strong and resolute and to not tolerate any form of abuse on another human being or animal. The lesson here is also to learn that you can still have a soft heart but your power center is strong and you do not allow others to disempower you. Family members, even as you go through adulthood are great at testing you on all levels and I have seen spiritual workers having to distance themselves from their direct family as the connection was a negative one. The ability to disconnect from someone who is a member of your family is the empowerment lesson in this situation. 

When you feel like you are being tested to clear something, just stop and internalize, breathe and reflect BEFORE you react. Especially where something triggers you to respond with anger. Think “what is the lesson here, am I really angry, should I just walk away” etc whatever feels like an appropriate response from a higher consciousness perspective. The more you empower and refine yourself, the harder the initiations become. As we purify our ego our ego tries to pull us back into our old ways of being, it feels safer there, it doesn’t like the uncertainty of having to trust in the universe, there is no security of knowing what the plan is! 

So Earth Angels, know that you will go through a huge path of purification where you will be asked to purify your emotions, clear negative thoughts and habits, and you will be shown things in your life that no longer serve you that you need to clear. The more you clear, the more light can be absorbed into every cell of your body, your DNA will start reprogramming itself and you may go through a period of rejuvenation. The journey through them may feel hard at times but know that you wouldn’t be going through them if spirit didn’t think you could cope. When life feels like it’s getting too much, take 15 minutes out to meditate and if you are not sure what that means, just relax with some soothing music and breathe. 

Much Love, 

Awaken the Oracle