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What Are Contracts You Made With Your Etheric Council Before Incarnation?


Before you are incarnated in any lifetime, including this one, you have a sacred meeting with your Etheric Council. This encounter, deep and transcendent, laid out your path, picking and choosing the connections, obstacles, and blessings that would best support the development of your soul. You made agreements carved into the ether, soul contracts, with purpose and intention, meant to lead you toward development, harmony, and balance.

Before entering this incarnation, you established an agreement with your Etheric Council regarding heart-opening events. This agreement was made to address an imbalance that was too skewed toward wisdom, where the heart was undervalued and the mind was eclipsed, leading to a life that occasionally lacked the profound emotional development and empathy required for full maturation. 

This contract's main goal was to set up events and interactions that would significantly impact your emotional growth and ensure that you experienced many times in life that required extreme vulnerability and compassion. Imagine living a life where every difficult conversation, every time you experience a personal loss, and every instance of unanticipated compassion are carefully placed stepping stones that lead to a larger, more open heart than you've ever had.

These are not coincidences; rather, they are precious chances for development that have been purposefully weaved into the fabric of your life. These are the kinds of moments that are meant to tear down the barriers in your heart that have been erected by past transgressions or intellectual arrogance, creating a space where love not only grows, but changes.

This agreement guarantees that wisdom is a treasure that is applied with compassion, empathy, and an open heart rather than just a body of knowledge. It is no coincidence that you come into contact with those that push you, break through your barriers, and offer you nothing but love. 

They are essential components of this Divine contract, drivers of the emotional growth you committed to; accepting this contract entails realizing that every teardrop you shed, every giggle you share, and every heartbeat that throbs with compassion is a step toward realizing the balance your soul longs for. It's about realizing that every experience that opens your heart is a priceless gift that takes you one step closer to becoming the person you were meant to be and that genuine wisdom is information applied with love. This Light sees life's emotional roller coaster as a deliberately designed path that will bring you to a deeper, more compassionate existence where every encounter is an opportunity to practice love in its purest form, rather than just a series of ups and downs.

The road to wisdom is the subject of the second contract that is engraved in the agreement with your Etheric Council. It is especially designed for souls who, during a former incarnation, became deeply rooted in the realm of the heart, frequently at the price of their quest for enlightenment and intellectual advancement.

This soul contract carefully plans for a life full of intellectual challenges, soulful pursuits of knowledge, and a variety of experiences aimed at developing analytical and critical thinking abilities. The ultimate goal is to create a harmonious interplay between passion and intellect by balancing the acuity of the mind and the depth of the heart. Imagine a journey where every turn is an opportunity to learn, where conversations, books, and even seemingly ordinary occurrences are infused with profound lessons that are just waiting to be unearthed. 

These encounters are opportunities for growth that have been purposefully arranged; they are not random events. The people you encounter who disagree with you, the seemingly insurmountable challenges, and the lightbulb moments when seemingly complicated concepts finally make sense—all of these are components of the larger scheme to develop your cognitive abilities. 

This contract is about more than just learning; it's about developing the ability to think critically, ask probing questions, and apply wisdom with empathy. It guarantees that life is an active search of understanding where the mind is constantly stretched and challenged rather than a passive journey.

There are many occasions along the way to wisdom that will test your ability to think critically, solve issues with empathy as well as reason, and combine your intuition and mental acuity. This agreement entails seeing that wisdom is love's partner rather than its opposite. It's about realizing that every intellectual obstacle is an opportunity to broaden your consciousness and that true wisdom entails comprehending life's deeper truths rather than just facts. This desire for information and the growth of critical thinking skills along the way lead to wisdom and enrich your soul, enabling you to manage life's difficulties with the empathy of your heart and the clarity of your mind.

The third contract, "integration for wanderers," hammered out in the quiet before birth, speaks to those whose spirits travel the planet with a love so deep that it frequently eclipses the quest for knowledge.

These wanderers, whose hearts are as big as the universe, can occasionally feel cut off from the earthly knowledge that grounds human existence. In order to help them unite their otherworldly understanding with the tactile tangible experiences of life on Earth, this soul agreement serves as a Divine blueprint that gently guides them through a series of life situations that highlight the value of wisdom in human form.

Imagine yourself as a traveler from distant stars, with a universal love permeating your being, and emerging into the wonder and chaos of human existence. The agreement you have made arranges for experiences that anchor your spiritual essence, putting you in situations where your innate love is tested, honed, and ultimately expanded by knowledge.

These aren't just coincidences; rather, they're well crafted teachings that, via exchanges that compel you to inquire, look for, and acquire knowledge, unveil the power of love when combined with understanding, the strength in vulnerability, and the wisdom in empathy. You begin to see gradually how wisdom is a vessel that enhances your ability to love in a deeper, more profound way, in addition to being a guide for navigating life.

Accepting this integration contract implies realizing that your earthly path is not about abandoning your cosmic essence, but rather about enhancing it with knowledge gained from human experience. It's about realizing that your compassion's depth and strength are enhanced when they are rooted in the knowledge gained from life experiences. This enables you to face the world with an open heart and a perceptive, astute mind.

Your amazing soul undergoes a transformation during this integration journey, transforming your sense of detachment into a bridge between the earth and the heavens. This guarantees that your cosmic love serves as a guiding Light enhanced by global wisdom, rather than merely a beacon of Light.

Mastery of power, the fourth contract, is carefully crafted for souls who have begun the complex journey of discovering the possibilities of power. This crucial agreement with your Etheric Council creates the foundation for a life full of chances to gain experience in leadership roles. moral conundrums and the significant influence of oneself.

The core of this agreement is not the chase of power for its own sake, but rather the development of experiences that instruct in the fair and moral use of power, making sure it is applied with compassion and discernment. Imagine yourself in a position where you are tasked with exercising leadership, where the decisions you make have a lasting impact, and where you have the ability to influence the lives of those around you.

These situations are not at all random; rather, they have been divinely crafted to help you gain insight into and control over the power you are currently in. The challenges of making morally challenging decisions, resisting the urge to abuse authority for selfish gain, and leading with integrity. 

The teachings contained in the contract are best understood in the context of these difficulties. The understanding that real power comes from enabling people rather than from dominating them, that leadership is a duty, and that influence should be used to bring about constructive change.

This agreement entails accepting the accountability that accompanies authority. The insight to use it as a tool for group upliftment and the significance of using it with compassion. It's about realizing that every interaction with power, whether it be in the form of minor everyday leadership duties or big moments of influence, presents an opportunity to cultivate this fine balance and lead oneself and others to new heights of development and awareness.

The path to power mastery is a transforming one, changing your perspective of power from one of possession to stewardship. You develop a powerful and enlightened leadership style as you travel this path led by the lessons of your soul contract. One that acts as a Lighthouse for those looking for guidance on how to use their own power appropriately. This contract is about redefining power as a force for good, rather than simply about mastering it, and making sure that its use is always in line with the higher ideals of wisdom and love.

The quest for balance, the fifth soul contract, is a naturally crafted blueprint for souls who wish to attain the delicate balance of power, wisdom, and love. Understanding the possible dangers of relying too much on any one of these energies without considering the others as an alignment, this contract presents a range of scenarios designed to necessitate the simultaneous use of these essential forces.

The intention is to impart to the soul the sublime art of living in peace despite the erratic ups and downs of life's challenges and victories. Imagine traveling through the terrain of life, with every meeting, obstacle, and chance as a well constructed stage for honing this balance. 

You may eventually find yourself in a position where exercising love and compassion needs to be balanced with insight, wisdom, and decisiveness. One day you may encounter a situation when wise counsel requires a combination of love, support, and the ability to hold someone accountable. 

These aren't random events; rather, they're masterfully planned lessons meant to hone your skills in balancing these energies so that none of them overpowers the others and instead leads to a life of well-balanced action and reaction.

Accepting this contract signifies a recognition of life's complexity and a resolve to handle it gracefully. It's about realizing that integration of these energies, rather than their separation, is the key to finding true harmony both inside oneself and in relation to the outside world.

The balance quest reveals that love can be foolish when it lacks wisdom. Without love, wisdom can be icy. Tyranny can result from having power without the other two's foundation. It's a path of ongoing adjustment, education, and development. The quest for balance propels the journey that changes the soul and cultivates a manner of being that expresses strength, wisdom, and love with ease.

You become a living example of the potential for a balanced lifestyle as you proceed down this path led by the challenges and victories destined for you. This encourages others to pursue their harmony amid the exquisite complexity of life. This contract is not only an individual undertaking but also a ray of hope, demonstrating that balance is not only achievable but also incredibly transforming in the midst of life's ups and downs.

The healing path, the sixth soul contract, is a sacred agreement designed for souls who have a strong desire to heal and show compassion. In order to fully comprehend and lessen the complex nature of pain, a healer must combine an unending capacity for empathy with a perceptive eye of wisdom. This agreement is intended to hone that path.

The soul makes a commitment to practicing healing through this contract. not as token deeds of compassion, but as profound spiritual experiences that increase its capacity for love and increase its understanding of the common patterns of health and illness. Imagine embarking on a journey where every encounter, every painful experience, and every hint of discomfort you feel in other people and in yourself acts as a school. 

These do not happen at random. yet, divinely planned chances to practice healing. You discover from these encounters that genuine healing transcends the body. reaching the layers of existence that are mental, emotional, and spiritual. Through this process, one learns how to strike a careful balance between providing consolation and pushing personal development, between connecting with people on a common level and acknowledging each person's unique path through pain.

This agreement means recognizing that the process of healing entails a great deal of responsibility, one that necessitates continual learning, self-reflection, and the development of knowledge that recognizes the underlying causes of suffering. It is about realizing that every soul experiences suffering as a natural byproduct of life's tribulations, and that in order to lessen this suffering, one must possess both compassion and a profound intuitive grasp of the cosmic laws that govern all creation.

The process of healing changes the soul, giving it a level of understanding and empathy that makes it a Lighthouse for those who are lost in the shadows. By walking this path, you not only increase your own capacity for love but also open yourself up to the universe's healing energies, touching lives and healing spirits in the process. This contract is a pledge to shine a Light in the shadows, help others find healing and wholeness, and reveal the deep connection that exists between all living things.

Soulful creativity, the seventh soul contract, is a Divine blueprint for souls who may, in the course of their journey, become entangled in the imbalance of placing an excessive emphasis on power, wisdom, or love. By inviting the soul to channel its excesses or deficiencies into painting, writing, music, or any other form of creative expression, this contract offers a resolution through the creative medium. 

The idea that creativity is a transforming process rather than merely a means of expression forms the basis of this agreement. a conduit via which the soul can investigate, communicate, and ultimately harmonize these strong energies both inside and outside of oneself. Imagine the process of creation as a sacred conversation between the universe and your deepest self. Every stroke of paint on a canvas, every word written in a journal, or every note produced by an instrument becomes a language of expression and discovery.

When someone is filled with love, their creativity serves as a reflection of that love, creating warmth and connection. Creative pursuits become a quest for deeper truths and a means of sharing knowledge in a way that enlightens and resonates with wisdom seekers. Through the power of their art, those in positions of authority can influence and inspire, lead and uplift others through the conduit of creativity.

Through the process of creative expression, the energies of love, wisdom, and power are not only harnessed but also exquisitely woven into the expression of the soul, leading to a state of harmonious internal and external balance. Accepting the spiritual creativity contract is a recognition of the transformational potential of art.

It's an invitation to see creation as an essential spiritual practice that leads to the harmonious integration of the most potent energies within the soul, rather than just a pastime. You can use creativity to carve your inner landscape and apply a powerful, wise, and loving paint stroke to the canvas of your life. As one color flows into another without interruption, a work of art is created that captures the richness, intricacy, and beauty of your journey.

This contract invites you to pour all of your energy into your works so that the world can see how vibrant your soul is. It's a commitment to lead a life in which being creative is a means of achieving balance rather than an escape. A journey back to your core, where each creative act is a step toward balancing the Divine forces that swirl around inside you.

Every contract that is fulfilled signifies not just the end of a chapter but also a peak in the spiritual development symphony. Every contract is a single movement in the amazing work of art that is your life. You weave deeper motifs of harmony, knowledge, and love into the fabric of your existence with each stride you take, each obstacle you overcome, and each lesson learned. Enhancing not only your personal path but also promoting world peace.

When you consider the vows that were kept and the progress made, remember that this is only a warm-up for the next stage of your exploration—a more thorough examination of the mysteries that await you beyond this life. This life, with all of its ups and downs, happy moments and depressing ones, is a phase of your soul's never-ending journey. A tune that joins the vast chorus of existence by resonating with the vibrations of the universe. 

Your experiences of progress, your pursuit of balance, and the love and knowledge you develop are gifts to the universe, contributing to its boundless harmony, not only for your personal enrichment. Your story serves as a reminder that every soul has the capacity to have a lasting impact on the world, showcasing the extraordinary resiliency and beauty of the human spirit.


Much Love, 

Awaken The Oracle 

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