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Gemini June 3rd Birthday Angel Messages

Gemini June 3rd Birthday Angel Messages



This is a message from your angels and the Ascended Masters that you are being assisted with staying focused upon your Divine life purpose. Stay centered and grounded, balanced and steady and things will fall into place in your life. A positive attitude will manifest positive results.

Your prayers and affirmations have been heard and positive results, solutions and answers are being manifested by the Universe. Listen to the guidance from the angels and Ascended Masters and ask for help and assistance when needed. All you need to do is ask. Keep the line of communication with your angels open and clear and trust that all of your needs will be met in your life as required.

Love honors and expresses joy, and manifests itself through acts of kindness, delight, trust, respect and patience. Use loving affirmations to help to purify and focus your thoughts and desires. Affirmations help you to believe in the potential of the desires you wish to manifest.


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