All Sessions Are In ENGLISH. Sessions Are NOT Translated!

About Us

Tarot originated in the Medieval Era (1500s). Not all had the ability to read. There were some in royalty who could not even read so they had to trust the scribes to read documents for them. Life was rural. Most of the population worked, education was a luxury. Tarot came to teach people about their physical (earth) and soul (spiritual) journey. It’s about the connection to our Creator, the Spiritual Realm, and how to implement it into physical reality. Because the people couldn’t read, the cards had images so they could understand. This was a complete defiance to the Church and therefore considered evil as they desired to have complete control over the people. Over the years the cards deviated from being spiritual to being fortune/future telling. Tarot was never intended to tell the future. Never to be used to see how you could win the lotto or if your former lover has someone new. It’s about learning how to co-exist with Spirit on your predestined journey.

I am a Soul Reader, which is different from a traditional tarot reader. I am Claircognizant (meaning to have spiritual knowledge) and Clairsentient (meaning to have spiritual feeling). It’s something I have had my entire life. 

As a soul reader I will not tell you if you will win the lotto or if your significant other is cheating on you. I do not read court cards. I find the court cards to be outdated and quite honestly the readings are about YOU and how YOU can adjust to events around you. You cannot control what others do nor can you control life/world events that are thrown at you, but you can adjust to those situations. I do not read reversals. I find I receive all the information that is needed in the upright position. If these things are important to you, there are many other readers who can help you. My only concern is the state of the soul and how to help.

Quite a few people I have encountered over on my journey did not even realize they have a soul and how it affects their physical life. Even now people don’t realize how the soul affects not only the mind, body, and spirit, but also health. When one's soul is in distress it will react to the emotional and physical body creating depression, anxiety, fears (emotional) to creating headaches, back pain, actual physical ailments. This stems from not letting issues go. We are to learn from our experiences, release them and let them go. These experiences, good or bad, are here to teach us about our true selves.

Much Love,