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What Are The Benefits and Disadvantages Of Being A Lightworker?

What Are The Benefits and Disadvantages Of Being A Lightworker?


In previous articles we’ve talked about Lightworkers and what it means to be a Lightworker; the work we do in the Light, work that comes from God because that’s what Lightworking is all about. 

We connect to the Light and then we do our work. You could be a poet, a mom, a healer, a surgeon, etc. Lightwork means you made the conscious choice to bring the presence of God into anything that you do. If the work you do does not have the presence of God then it’s not Lightwork. God is the Light.

It’s important to know that there are benefits and disadvantages to being a Lightworker. One can assume that if they are doing Lightwork then you’re good to go and everything is going to be great from here on out. But this isn't necessarily true.  

Challenging People-

There are many challenges to being a Lightworker. You are consistently around people who are not of the Light so their moods are not in sync with yours, and that can be challenging. Even Buddha was once asked why people still throw rocks at him and his response was these things happen, it’s this world. You do come in contact with people who are angry, bitter, and negative.  In these situations it’s important to remember it’s called LightWORK, not lightsleep, lightrest, there is some effort that must be involved.

We would all love to be able to pray and make everything great again but that’s not how life works. When we pray, we think that puts us in the right space for things to go well. We forget that sometimes when we’re praying we’re actually praying to have the strength to handle the next situation. That’s what we’re doing a lot of the time but forgetting that’s what we’re praying for. You’re filling your canteen in order to make it through the desert. 

In dealing with challenging people it’s always important to ask the Divine “what would you have me do?” “What can I do?” “How can I be helpful, to help heal whatever this is?” Just because something goes wrong doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong, it’s that there is a moment that could use some peace. All you’re asking is what can I do? Forget who did it, because really whether they did it or you did it, your actions will still be the same, which is to be loving somehow. It feels as if there is this juggling going on; struggling to deal with challenging people and still find a way to be kind, loving and helpful to them so as not to hurt them; even though you may just want to reach out and slap them.  

Angry People-

You just want to feel peace and happiness, and some people are yelling and cursing making for an awkward and conflicting situation to be in as Lightworkers in this world. You’re trying to do your work and you have people still being mean and hateful. You can literally feel the stress building up within you and you may reduce yourself down to their level and react to it. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. In these types of situations we need to be more conscious and watch ourselves a bit more and notice when you’re off. It’s not “a do” this and you’ll be perfect, it’s more like “notice this” and you’ll get better at seeing when you’re off and forgiving yourself when it happens. It’s very easy for Lightworkers to absorb others' emotions and react to those emotions we’ve absorbed. 

In these instances you need to walk away. Ask the Divine “what would you have me do?” There is something that can be done. You know a miracle is waiting. It may not happen. You have to accept when they don’t happen, but you still want to ask the Divine if you can help. You can’t force it. You ask as a Lightworker “if there is going to be a change, can I help.” That allows Jesus, the Holy Spirit, all the angels, beings that you think are way out there, too high up for you, to get their attention. Believe it or not, the highest of the holies will come into the moment and say “thank you for asking.” It’s the most amazing thing and the only limit you’ll run into will be in your consciousness, your limiting beliefs. You are creating a space to receive inspiration. 

Now you need to manage the moment because your mind can easily get in the way. You have to listen to the guidance in the moment. Stay open and tell the Divine “I’m open and now I am going to give it to you. I’m going to leave it to you’” 

Saying sorry is an excellent way to diffuse a situation, even if you weren’t in the wrong, Remember you are attempting to create peace. If you are one of those who doesn’t feel they should apologize because it was the other person's fault or their issue, then that is your pride and ego and peace will not be found. A lot of times we as Lightworkers have to swallow crap to squash a situation. We are expected to rise above the situation and be the bigger person. Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? 

Believing You Are Better Than Others-

One of the disadvantages of being a Lightworker is that you start to believe you are better than everyone else. "I work miracles.” There’s not an “I” in this concept, it’s a ‘we.” You can’t create healing, forgiveness, and love from an “I” selfish consciousness. It involves thinking of it as one with everyone else you know. 

Being Open And Vulnerable-

Being a Lightworker means being open and vulnerable. At moments in your work they can and will say no, when this happens, know it’s not because of you but because of the person you are trying to heal. They are not receptive to anything at that moment. There will be some assignments to where you will fail. It’s okay. Just because we are Lightworkers does not mean that we are perfect. We are in human form and prey to human situations. 

Miracle Bubble-

One of the main benefits of being a Lightworker is being at peace. Being in the consciousness of miracle consciousness. It’s like being in this miracle bubble.

Let me expand on this. The way that the world works (the word slow is from the same root as low. Judgment brings us to a lower/ slower state of consciousness, denser.) Time doesn’t exist in Heaven. There’s the Oneness. When we separated from God and started working in the 3rd dimensional plane, we started having the “aches and pains” that we think we can’t fix. They don’t exist in the high frequency of God but in density. We continue to ask why is that ache taking so long to fix? Why is it taking so long for my finances to get better? Why is it taking so long for people to become more spiritual on this planet? Why is everything taking so damn long? It’s because of the density that comes from lower consciousness that creates slow vibrations. So we struggle with this and miracle working speeds up the time. Miracle working actually puts you in a state of timelessness in that moment. It’s like time has ceased. It could have taken someone a year, 10 years, or six lifetimes to work through something as simple as not being upset all the time. Literally, in one second, one channeled word could change everything in seconds that humans would take years to work on because they are in a slower, lower consciousness. The lower consciousness creates a slower vibration, the slower vibration creating time density, everything is more limited. When you enter this miracle bubble, this moment of surrender to the Light of God. Time seems to speed up. How long it takes to heal something speeds up to a fraction of what it would have taken.   

One of the downsides of being a Lightworker is when this happens to you where everything is moving faster, you faster, you achieve faster, you get clarity quicker, your issues pass away faster, people get annoyed with that. People will not like you for that. The reason being they are still holding on to what they have not healed,  They forget who they truly are (Divine Child of God) and hold on to that pain. Buddha says it’s amnesia- they forgot who they are, they forgot who you are, so everything gets bogged down in time. 

Saving Time-

When you're a Lightworker, when you are committed to the path, it’s like burrowing through the mountain. It’s a lot more work, less scenic and it’s pretty dark and dismal inside (referring to doing the inner work). But you get through faster and save thousands of years and lifetimes by working on each issue. You’re not saving time just for yourself. Everyone you touch, everyone you help, in that moment that person is going to think and react differently. You can change a person’s life. It may only change their conscious mind for a moment, but it’s in the deep consciousness forever. 

Being Happier-

Another benefit that comes from doing Lightwork, committed to anchoring the Light of God in the world, is that it raises your happiness level. This is because you feel the love of God within you and you are therefore more conscious of love and forgiveness. It’s difficult to be a loving and forgiving person and be sad or depressed even though at times it can happen, it doesn’t dominate your life.

You Feel Invincible-

One of the downsides to Lightwork is when you're doing your work and you're in that frequency, channeling Light energy, you start to feel so good you feel invincible, maybe even immortal but then it increases the intensity of the contrast between when you’re doing the work and when you’re doing something else. It’s almost like when you’re stepping into the Light to do your work and then it will seem like greater darkness when you’re not doing the Lightwork. It’s going to seem darker each time because it’s contrasted. 

When you’re doing Lightwork there is a contrast between being in the zone and then it starts to increase the contrast when you’re not in the zone. Not in the zone means anything other than that space of consciousness. No matter how you feel at any given moment the zone just hits. 

This can affect your nervous system in ways you can’t even imagine. Your nerves going from calm to being erratic. An example would be shaking a lot, on edge, someone walking into a room and you jump about ten feet. The remedy is to not allow a contrast, center into the Light of God, become the Light of God, bring the Light of God. In doing so it becomes like an invincibility. The issues in this world are still going to take its toll on you, you will eventually blow a fuse somewhere, but by centering into the Light of God you can feel more balanced. 

For the most part the inner world and outer world are fairly consistent. One of the things to watch for is creating a consistency in your life. You have to integrate the Light that you are doing Lightwork with, start becoming it. That may feel strange, it’s almost impossible to do because you get so high on the Light you realize you haven’t eaten in weeks or you don’t sleep as much and it’s strange. It does happen. You’re so in the Light, you feel so great, you don’t realize the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. You have to continually remind yourself that you have to take care of yourself even when you don’t feel the need to. You are still in human form and therefore the physical body still needs to be taken care of. 

Lightwork is NOT 9-5 

In previous years Lightworkers were able to do their work, such as telling people how to be, and then not living in the way the world is changing.  However, in this era we have to live in the way we do our Lightwork. You can’t just channel what the Divine Ones are telling you, now have to show you are living it as well. It’s not easy because it’s not taught how to integrate Lightwork and your personal lives, it’s like there is no longer a separation of the two. It’s not like to go to work and do your day and then go home. No more “Do as I say, not as I do.”  

There’s a higher frequency that you’re getting when you meditate. There’s a higher frequency when you do your Lightwork. You are contributing to the statement of “this world does not have power over me,” but remember part of the world still believes that it does. You still have to play the game.

Know the truth but respect the illusion. 

Much Love, 

Awaken the Oracle 

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