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What Are The Signs That You Are Walking In The Light?

What Are The Signs You Are Walking In The Light?


If you are not walking in the Light of God, then you have forgotten who you are. 

The Earthly plane will promise to give you something it cannot deliver and you will suffer. Human forms put values into this plane that are valueless. Do not get invested in it, see it for what it is. The more invested and deceived by it the more the more you will fall. The Earthly plane will set you up, it draws your attention, allows you to get attached to it, and then takes it away leaving you hurt, confused, and miserable. You have to come to a level where it is impossible for the Earthly plane to do that to you again. Refuse the failures of this plane.

When dealing with negative people, see the positives, learn the lessons, those cannot be touched. The reason for the seeing and learning process is with our relationship with God himself. Coming to this plane, having these human form experiences, everything we do: causing pain to others and ourselves; being pained by others; none of that affects your divinity. Nothing in this world has the ability to remove, tarnish, affect, or break your divinity. Absorb the lessons and you move closer to the Light.

We are all a part of God and therefore, we are Holy beings in human form. God is behind everything within the Earthly plane, seek to find the light behind all around you. By doing so you are not attached to the thing, issue, person, situation, job, relationships, etc, something that will die or leave. See and get to know the light behind them. 

As we maneuver the Earthly plane we all at some point feel like we are walking in the darkness. How do we know for certain we are walking in the Light of God or if we are even on our spiritual path? We are always walking in the Light of God however our issues prevent us from seeing it. Here are 12 signs that you are walking in the Light of God and ways to walk in the Light. 

1 Peace- A feeling (not get) of peace is one sign you are walking in the Light of God. No longer carrying any guilt, remorse, or shame with decisions you have made. No longer holding onto pain and memories of past traumas that you have experienced, Being completely at peace with those who caused the traumas. No longer allowing these issues to phase you or allowing others to trigger you. You may struggle with it at the time it is happening however you will see it is a trigger and be able to walk away and not create conflict from it. Not allowing others to take your peace from you. 

2 Words- No longer giving meaning or creating patterns with negative words. Not lashing out with anger, rage, hatred. Being able to express yourself in a calm manner and staying on point with the topic. Others mean and hateful  words towards you no longer get to you. Yes they still sting but you realize you are on another level than they are and you are beyond the pettiness. No longer allowing words to have power over you. Losing interest in gossip. Being more positive with others and self.

Your words should be changing, bridging. Looking for what you have in common with others, not seeking the differences. No longer finding flaws in others and not engaging with them because of their flaws. 

Being able to apologize to others even when you don’t feel you were in the wrong. Coming to that level of knowing that even if you think you are right the other person needs to hear the apology so they can move forward. “I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intention for that to come out that way.” It means you are so aware of who you are that you can “seem” to have made a mistake. When you think an apology lowers you, you’re already low. You’re just affirming it. Bridge the situation so it passes.

Be present with love as best you can. You will be taking the focus from the outside and bringing it to the inside. You’re helping people discover who they are by bridging with them.  

3 Loving and Forgiving- If you are walking in the Light of God you should be noticing how much more you are at peace, but the peace came from being more loving and forgiving. The opposite is still being quick to judge and holding onto resentments. 

How do I know I’m walking in the Light of God?

In the Book of Revelations it talks of the people who are faithful to God will be marked and kept safe, That’s what is being described. What does it mean? Those who will be kept from tribulations are those who are walking in the Light of God. No matter what is happening you are centered on more peace. Your words are not about conspiracies, fear, and hate but rather what you can do constructively. You are more loving and forgiving. All of these signs go hand in hand, 

4 Talking With God- You start and end every day talking with God. You talk with him throughout the day as if He is your closest friend. The Divine Ones love it when we start to talk with them. They are behind a veil and can only intervene if our lives are in danger or when we talk with them. They do ask for at least 15 minutes of your day. As you make a routine of talking with them you will start to notice issues and situations are not as painful as you had initially thought. That is because they are working with you. Even if you have never talked with them, talk with them about how you hope your day will be and at the end of the day talk about your joy and disappointments if the day. If you hold any anger or resentment of your experiences of the Earthly plane tell them, vent it, yell, scream, cry, give it to them.

You can also meditate with them. Meditate with them in the morning and talk with them at the end of your day, or switch it up and talk with them in the morning and meditate with them at night. Prayer is talking with God, meditation is listening to God. So at least twice a day.

 End your day with an attitude of gratitude. Look and own the positives. Acknowledge how you have better handled a situation and ask for guidance for the next time. 

5 Sense of Integrity/ Taking Responsibility- You will become someone who is true, honest, clear. Integrity means to integrate. It’s not just about being honest. Hypocrisy is the number one problem in mankind. It’s when we know we’re children of God but don’t act like it. We don’t act with who we really are. It all comes down to who we really are and how we act.  You can never betray someone knowing who you really are.

When someone is hurting you they can’t do that from the God self, they are doing that from their wounded self. When they do it, what they are really saying is “if I do this are you going to reinforce that it wasn’t the real me doing it and help me find my light, or are you going to react to it and confirm this is who I am, a jerk. So that would mean all your interactions are really tests. “Forgive for they know not what they do.” 

Walking in the Light of God also means taking responsibility for your actions and decisions. Learning to say “what was I thinking?” See what you learned from those experiences, own the mistakes that were made, how you forgot who you were and acted out. 

6 Having A Cleaner Life- This is not only about the obvious. Your home is not one most people think about. This is your sanctuary from the world. A place where Angels love to dwell. 

As you are transitioning back to who you really are your eating habits will change. You may lose the desire for red meat and pork as well. Red meat and pork have a natural chemical that creates an interference between you and the Divine. I have had clients notice when they have eaten red meat or pork they don’t feel as strongly connected to the Divine the following day. It can take 24-48 hours for the chemical to leave the body. 

Less vulgarity, not only curse words, hatred, putting people down, degrading another for your pleasure. Being condescending or rude. 

Less addictions: This doesn’t only mean tobacco, drugs and alcohol.  Other addictions could also be: Food, appearance, sugar, exercise, gambling, relationships, shopping, money, etc. I know someone who went from cigarettes, to drugs, to food, then to plants.

There are even those who are addicted to the darkness. Always negative, never see anything positive. Doom and gloom constantly flows when they speak. Always full of self pity. 

Everyone has some sort of addiction. When you think you're flawed and you fixate on it to try and do something to make up for it, is an addiction, which never works. The more you walk in the light of God the more the issues and desires fade.  

Note: If you are still participating in a certain addiction that does not mean you are NOT walking in the Light of God. You are but these issues are blocking you from seeing it. Also you might have one and none of the others, the more you consciously walk in the Light of God they will fall away. What’s more important is looking beyond the external behaviors and finding Light. When we are walking in the Light of God we feel peace and we feel clean. The external will no longer have an effect. 

7 Immune To Earthly plane Issues- We feel more immune to the issues of the Earthly plane. No longer following the news, latest fashion trends, celebrities, feeling the pressure of having the material items that everyone else has.

The Bible says the lion will lie with the lamb. When we stop judging, hating, walking in the darkness, there will be no need for victimizers or victims. The duality will fall away. It’s not that you are becoming thick skinned or cold to the world, it’s that you know something that they don’t know. 

Your soul feels more free by not being held down by the heaviness and burdens of the world. 

8 Feel Guided and Protected- This is similar to feeling immune. 

You will feel more guided and protected. You’re doing things with more of a knowingness to them. The job, the house, the partnerships you choose, there’s more of a feeling of walking in Light. 

You feel within you that the Divine Ones and Angels are protecting you at all times. The Earthly plane can no longer bring up old fears, doubts, and worries. It cannot pull you back into the darkness. 

9 Feel Inspired and Excited- The more we walk in the Light of God we get this excitement with us. We’re happy, we’re positive.

You may feel inspired to change the direction of your life. Any inspiration we receive comes from God. You will be guided by that inspiration as to what you should do and which direction to take.  That inspiration is blessed and will bring abundance to you for the choice you made to walk in the Light of God.  

10 People Are Drawn To You- When we’re walking in the Light of God, beings (human forms and animals) are drawn to you. They unconsciously see or feel your light. You may be out and about your day and have total strangers walk up to you and talk with you or even tell you their life story. You have people tell you things they would never tell anyone and they don’t know why they are telling you these things. They feel your presence is safe. You are holding space. Walking in the Light of God, you’re like a beacon of that light. They are seeing something in you and in themselves. Our job is to be that Light for them. 

11 Abundance- Health, wealth, wisdom, higher knowledge

When you walk in the Light of God you should see some form of abundance.  This doesn’t mean just because your funds are low you’re not walking in the Light of God. It’s a weak link. For you it could be finances, for someone else it could be an abundance in their health. Do not use this to attack yourself. Just know this too shall pass and your finances will improve. Be grateful for what you have and more will be given to you. 

12 You Will Feel, Know, and Say You Are The Light Of God- How will I know I am walking in the Light of God? 

You will call it that. You won’t avoid the word God. You're not ashamed to say God. You start and end your day with God. You talk with God throughout your day. You can say God, Jesus, the Divine Mother, Holy Spirit, but at least one of them, own  its presence in your life and call it that. You are a state of Divinity. You know nothing but God. Everything else feels surreal or foreign. I’m not saying you should be obsessive about it or become a “holy roller,” or preachy about it, but more and more walk in the Light.  

Revelations tell us the children of God will be marked on their foreheads, this means the eye of God (3rd eye) is opening and nothing can distract you from it anymore. I know who I am, I’m walking in the Light of God, and I’m not interested in anything else. 

Much Love,

Awaken the OracleCredit also to be given to: Michael Mirdad

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