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What Does It Mean To Cross Over?

What Does It Mean To Cross Over?


I am not comfortable with watching someone cross over, not at all. I understand the process of life and death, what we are here to do and all of that, but to literally watch someone go home is difficult for me. Which is why writing this article has been such a challenge for me. 

Years ago this “new thing,” maybe it’s a gift, I don’t know, maybe I just don’t want to call it a gift, started happening. I knew when someone was going to cross over. When it first started happening it freaked me out. Over time I adjusted to it. Once I came to terms with it, I understood it more and know it is a beautiful experience to be a part of. There’s still a disagreement with the divine with me actually sitting with someone as they go home. Not ready for that yet. One time they actually woke me up to tell me it was time for this person to go home. NOPE not doing it, not happening. A family member sat with them when they crossed over, so no the person didn’t cross over alone.  

The irony with my uncomfortableness is that you would think I would have come to terms with it by now. I’ve pretty much lost everyone I loved so dearly in a span of three years, six people, yes six, here one day and gone the next. My closest friend came to me after she crossed over. I remember when we were younger talking about death and what actually happens. When she came to me she told me many things, personal things, but for this article I will tell you she told me she had never felt so loved. I could feel that love around me as she was with me and it was the most amazing experience. I was kind of jealous to be honest. 

It was a very difficult time for me, I lost everyone and I was pretty angry about it. I vented my anger to the Creator. He listened, surrounded me in love (which made me more angry), and I eventually came to terms with the losses. I kept asking why? Why? WHY? That is when this man started appearing on my YouTube feed. I kept deleting it and it kept appearing so I figured I should pay attention.  

He was saying that in the coming years we would be helping those in hospice, or with those crossing over. For the life of me I cannot remember his name. He had died and come back three times. I know I felt bad for him, two different times he was struck by lightning. I remember thinking poor guy…

In my lightworker sessions, the divine has been coming in stronger with some clients who are also going to be seeing or knowing those who are going home. You may not even realize it at the time, a person will just randomly walk up to you and talk to you, a senior citizen or one who is terminally ill, just walk up to you and talk. Their soul is sensing the Light of God around you, and can feel home, that is why they walk up to you. You are the channel, it is you that is making the process of going home less traumatic and less painful. You are listening to them and their soul is absorbing home. It’s so beautiful and odd to experience that. 

YOU ARE NEVER TO TELL SOMEONE THEY ARE PREPARING TO CROSS OVER. You as the lightworker are just to listen and allow the divine to do what they do. If you tell them they are getting ready to die, it causes panic, confusion, fear, and pain. This creates more damage. Do not do that. 

The following gives a deeper explanation of the process:

The soul leaves it's vessel the instant before death. It does not feel any pain at the moment of death, ever.

“In my Father’s house, there are many mansions”

There are many levels (Mansions) in the divine world, many heavens. Each level is based on a person’s spiritual level, how they lived on the earth plane, if they helped others, spiritual lessons learned while here, etc. In every lifetime, a person should be able to complete a spiritual lesson. When a person crosses over they will be assigned a certain level in the heavens depending on how they lived while here. If they did nothing, helped no one, had no spirituality, they will be assigned to level 1. There are 8 levels, the goal is to be assigned to level 8. 

A soul may visit a lower level in order to see a loved one however, the soul on the lower level cannot go to an upper level until their spiritual lesson has been completed.

Every life has a timespan.

We are all assigned a timespan on the earth plane. The day of our crossover is predetermined. If a human commits suicide, their soul is in limbo until they have reached that life span, the day the crossover was assigned. In limbo they see their death scene, the pain they caused loved ones, and what they were supposed to learn. They see this continuously until the lifespan is complete. Only then may they go to the level they are assigned to. This is why it is said if a person commits suicide they go to hell. It is pure hell seeing this repeatedly until they reach their crossover day.

There they learn what they did wrong and what they learned and the changes that could have been made instead. They must repeat that lifetime over. They will begin where they left off if they have already completed some spiritual lessons. If not they repeat the entire lifetime over but the new lifetime will not be as harsh. 

Mental Illness

For those who commit suicide while mentally ill, their souls are immediately taken to a hospital to receive care, they are not put in limbo.

Capital Punishment

For those who have taken another life, or lives, and are sentenced to execution, their soul goes to limbo. There they build their anger, hatred, resentment and are able to influence weaker minds on earth to continue with their crimes until their lifespan has ended. 

DNR/Life Support

It is up to the soul to decide if this is what they want. If the soul feels it wishes to remain on life support this is how it should be. They choose this life because they want to contribute to medical and scientific breakthroughs. For humans who choose DNR this should be respected as well as the soul has decided it has completed what it needed in this lifetime.


I am only going to touch on this for a minute because it is such a sensitive topic. For the most part the child or infant has a short time span because their responsibility is to end a genetic disorder within the family line. They are protecting future generations in the family from getting certain diseases. Whether it is at birth or later as a teen. There are others that are helping science in curing and treating specific illnesses for mankind in general. 

The Divine World

The divine world is like earth but more beautiful. Friends and family are there, as well as pets. What you would do here you would do there. There is a period of rest before a soul incarnates again. 

Crossing over can be very traumatic to the soul. The soul has been in its human vessel for many years. It can be afraid, lost, confused, etc. Therefore, when crossing over a soul is greeted by their Master Guide and a family member or friend that helps with the shock of the soul leaving its vessel. No one ever crosses over alone. 

There is a thin line between worlds and a soul can get trapped between the worlds if it has had a sudden death: Killed, accident, etc. They do not know how to get to the divine and will not be allowed back into physical form. 


Hell is actually where the soul goes after it has crossed over, it is not really hell. It is considered hell because the soul is traumatized from leaving its vessel. The soul has to be repaired from the trauma before it can go to its assigned level. The soul can be in this hell for 40 days or longer depending on how long it needs for the adjustment. 


At some point when a soul leaves its hell, it must face a type of judgment. The soul and others such as: their Etheric Council, higher beings, family, friends, and spiritual teachers will replay the human life and discuss decisions and actions made as a human. They go over the lessons learned and how to improve in their next lifetime. 


There is a period of rest before the soul reincarnates. We heal, receive guidance on how we could have handled certain situations, and we go to spiritual school prior to reincarnating. 

It is the Creator that creates and designs us. He is the one who chooses our lives, gives us our gifts and abilities, decides whether or not we can handle the spiritual lessons we are to learn in our new lives. We do not choose our lives. We are souls until we reach the earth plane, dimension, or planet we are meant to be in. Free will does not apply until we have reached the earth plane. As lightworkers, we are here to help bring others out of their darkness. 

Before a soul reincarnates it will go before its Etheric Council and go over its new life, it must learn about the life they are going to have, what to expect, their duties and responsibilities, vows and contracts that must be completed, and what spiritual lessons need to be learned upon returning.  As one works their journey here they have their Etheric Council, Divine teams, and the angels watching over them and guiding them along the way.    

Primary lessons we are to learn and teach to others:

Love, Kindness, Compassion, Understanding, Generosity, Mercy,,,

We do not become angels when we cross over. The genetics are different between a human soul and an angel. The DNA cannot be intermixed. See Genesis 6 1-4.

Hopefully this article gives you a better understanding of the process so as you are working your light you are more knowledgeable about what is going on. 

As Lightworkers here, now, in this lifetime, we are also here to help with the New Earth. We are at the beginning stages of the Age of Aquarius, The Age of Alpha (the Age of Jesus), both meaning the age of Light. Some Lightworkers are here to help others to go home so that no soul is trapped between both worlds as Jesus has stated that no soul is left behind. We aid the process with love, compassion, and kindness so the soul is at peace when it is time to part this world. 

I hold much respect for those who have sat with people who are crossing over or those who work with hospice and medical fields. May you always be blessed. 

Much love,


Awaken the Oracle

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