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What is a Lightworker?

What Is A Lightworker?



Lightworkers are workers of the Light, the Light being God and Jesus. So we are workers for Them to help others come out of their darkness and into Light and Love.  It’s not something that is trendy or to be bragged about. It means we are dedicated to remembering who we really are and what we are here to do.  

God chose us to be Lightworkers, this is our path, or journey. God is Light. God said “I’m making my children in my image, and I am Light, therefore my children are Light.” Lightworkers are also people who are working on remembering who they really are. 

How are Lightworkers different from others on the spiritual path?

People on the spiritual path may be very casual about it. They do a little research, do a little bit of reading. Meditate every now and then. They make small changes to improve their lives so they can tell their friends about it, and every once in a while be of service to others. Make that charitable donation at the end of the year and that’s their service.  

Lightworkers are people on the spiritual path with an absolute dedication to their work. They feel within their soul there is something they HAVE to do, and they work at  it with determination and excitement. They understand their work has a purpose and it’s leading to something.   

Lightworkers are not new to this era, technically they have always existed since the beginning of time. There has always been a person who thought about awakening, thinking and knowing there’s more to life than this. Having a knowing that we are not here just to exist, to work ourselves to death, or continually going through one traumatic situation after another. Only the label of “lightworker” has changed through time. The concept has always been here.

Lightworker is a term that symbolizes anyone who is actually more dedicated to the path and wanting to make a difference. The hierarchy starts with God, then the Light of God, then it comes into manifestation as the Light of Christ Consciousness.

The Light, the remembrance, the spiritual intention. All of that goes from God, to Christ Consciousness, to the Divine Mother, to angels, light beings (higher dimensional beings), any being in the entire hierarchy of creation (and there are many layers) who is dedicated to this remembrance, is a Lightworker. Since we are the Light of God, we are light bearers, light carriers, light bringers, etc.  

It’s not just angels, the Divine Mother, Christ Consciousness, humans, there are also Light beings. Higher dimensional beings that are part of this Light work experience. They are known as Galactic beings or the Galactic Federation. There are beings from other Star systems as well: Serius, Arcturus, Andromedan System. Not all star systems have light beings. Some star systems have beings that are malevolent. It is interesting that there are beings on Earth called Lightworkers and then there’s light beings that are part of the Lightworker Movement in other star systems. Ancient Civilizations such as Lemurian and Atlantean had Lightworkers  in each of those civilizations. Ascended Masters were also Lightworkers. What all these light beings are doing in their dimension, humans are doing the same work, just in a different dimension so it looks different. Don’t limit yourself by thinking it’s just angels out there making a difference. 

We are all making a difference as long as we are doing Lightwork. To remember the Light in ourselves, to see the Light in others, and to help others to remember their Light. When we help others see their Light they are able to start the process of leaving the dark. Light will always overcome the darkness. 

The seven traits of a Lightworker

1 There is a feeling of a call to return to the teachings of Christ Consciousness. There’s a vibe to it; a call to do something greater. 

2 Having a growing interest in topics that are related like early Christianity, Knights Templar, Lemuria. Different people or groups that shared the same Lightworker vibe.

3 Your old thought systems and opinions will start to fade away. 

4 Having a greater experience of unconditional love, which includes not letting those who know your triggers get to you. There is a greater sense of peace and an ability to bounce back. 

5 Limitations such as race, gender, genetics, family patterns, will no longer be applying to you. 

6 You feel disconnected from people that represent the past, old ways of being, as well as a growing sense of love and acceptance around soul mates, soul groups, and spiritual family. You begin looking for your spiritual tribe. 

Your spiritual tribe is more loving, more light, playful. They are looking for deeper meanings of things. They might be called toward similar interests. You start seeing there’s a connection to everything in a beautiful way.

7 Feeling like the tribe or friends you’re looking for are ready for a profound spiritual awakening rather than being of a shallow, mundane nature. The people you are attracted to are not just feeling a similar vibe, they are unique and you feel a unique connection to them.

Lightworkers recognize that we are not here just to say we are Lightworkers, we’re doing something with it. It’s there to improve our lives and the lives of others in some way. They are on the spiritual path going to the next level, which is of service. They understand God, self, and others.   

There are those out there that think Lightwork is nothing but improving the planet, but yet they’re not using any connection of inspiration to God, then they are more of a planetary worker and it should be called that. 

The same for those who are only trying to save different animals, they are friends of the animals, not Lightworkers. Lightwork is bigger than just the Earthly plane. 

God is Light and Lightwork means working for God. One cannot be a Lightworker without God.


Much Love,

Awaken the Oracle

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