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Sagittarius December 16th Birthday Angel Messages

Sagittarius December 16th Birthday Angel Messages


Continue being optimistic and positive about your life path. When you work with positive affirmations and visualizations you manifest your material wants and needs and attract ‘good’ into your life. Affirm in the present tense trusting that your needs have already manifested.  

Have faith and trust in the power of your positive intentions and remember that you create your own experiences and reality with your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

The diligent efforts you have put towards serving your soul mission and life purpose have been acknowledged by the angelic and spiritual realms, and in turn you have manifested your well-earned rewards. Be open to receiving and accepting your good, which may appear in the form of new opportunities, new projects and/or new ideas. Have faith and trust in the angels, and if feeling any doubts or fears, simply ask your angels for guidance and support.

Relax and allow yourself to sense the presence of your angels. Know that you are never alone.


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