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How Do I Clear Blockages In My Tarot Readings?

How Do I Clear Blockages In My Tarot Readings?

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

1st Peter 4:10

This is extremely important if you find that your tarot readings are not seeming to make sense to you or your clients, feel cloudy, or leave confusion, especially if you're finding you're getting a little bit frustrated with your readings. This doesn't happen very often but here you can find some tips about how you can make sure that there aren't any blockages to your readings. If you are receiving a lot of cloudy readings that don't make any sense, there are certain things that you can do to improve your readings.

One solution is to clear the deck again. Sometimes I will do a reading for a client and I'll  look at it and go, that doesn't really make sense to me. Trust me when I say, you will get better at intuitively knowing if a reading makes sense, there could be cards that seem to contradict each other, like a lot of really positive cards and negative cards, but no real rhythm or balance to the story.

If you do a card spread and you feel like it doesn't make sense, please feel free to say to your client:  Look I'm sorry, this is just a bit confusing and just pick it up again and clear the deck and start again. Most clients will be very, very appreciative that you've taken the time to actually look at it and realize that it's not going to be the best reading for them. So clearing the deck always helps with this.

What do I mean by clearing the deck?

Clearing the deck can be done in a number of different ways. You can knock it three times with your knuckles, you can hold it over some incense, sage, or a candle, obviously using safety first, or you can simply ask the angels and guides to clear the deck of any and all past readings or energy that are still lingering in the deck just to help give you clearer readings.

Another problem that can be coming in with your blockages to readings is that you or your client can be too attached to the outcome of the reading. This often happens when people are quite emotional and desperate for an answer now. The best solution for this is just to wait. If it's you, then give yourself 24 hours, 48 hours and try the reading again. If it is a client, then try the reading again and see what comes through, but also try to give the most positive outlook. 

Another blockage can occur if your client doesn't believe in the cards or you don't believe in them. This can occasionally happen, so when it does, there are a couple of solutions. If you feel that the client doesn't believe the cards, that they're skeptical, they're sitting there with their arms crossed, or you can just feel that their body language is really defensive, I would actually choose the cards for them, and this is the case if they're also quite emotional too.

Look at the cards they've pulled, if they're not making sense, just say to them: Listen I'm going to choose a couple of cards for you. Sometimes just you being in a space of being really present and also really trusting the cards will actually bring a much better result than someone who is judging the cards or putting negative energy on them. I often only have the client shuffle the deck they have chosen just so I get their energy on the cards and then I pull them and do the spread. My readings come out much clearer, especially if the client is skeptical. 

The second suggestion is around belief-shifting work. If you're doing tarot readings for yourself and you're finding that you just don't believe any of it, I would actually go into spirit and say spirit, why don't I believe this? Why don't I trust this? Has there been negative past life experiences? Am I too scientifically-minded? It's really important just to go within and just try to find the source of why you're having so much doubt. You'll often find this is very rewarding and you'll get a lot more insight around other areas of your life. If you're willing to look and see why you might be doubting what spirit is telling you in the reading.

You can even go into a space of meditation and ask yourself, why don't I believe this? What isn't resonating true? Is it that you don't believe the cards, say if they are positive? Or is it that you don't believe in the existence of tarot as a form of divination in itself? So sort that out for yourself, and then you will often get much clearer readings. 

As I mentioned before, sometimes I'll get a client who comes and sees me and they'll have their arms crossed and they'll be really defensive and really cynical, and part of me feels like saying, well, why are you here if you don't believe any of this? No one's forcing you to get a tarot reading. In this situation, explain to them that if they’re willing to be open to the spiritual wisdom coming through, they’ll get a much warmer, more rewarding reading.

Remember, tarot readings are a personal choice and everyone has free will. So if you don't feel comfortable with the tarot, by all means, take a break until it feels good to use it again. These are some of the reasons that there can be blockages around your readings, there can be disbelief, there can be cloudy readings because the deck just doesn't feel like it's clear enough (in which case you can clear it again), and also it can be that you're too attached to your clients, too attached to the outcome. If this is the case, then clear it or wait for another reading.

Clearing your tarot deck for more accurate readings

So what is clearing the cards?

Clearing the cards is where you get rid of all former energy that exists on the cards that has come from prior readings in order to get the clearest accurate reading possible. It's important that you clear the cards every time you do a new reading for someone or for yourself. Just to get all that old energy off and so that you can actually have the most accurate reading that's meant to be for that particular question and asked by that particular person. If you don't clear the cards, your readings can often get cloudy or they can actually pick up on energy from other people, and that can often fluster you and lead to readings that don't quite make sense.

The most common ways that I use to clear my cards before every client is I knock three times to clear off the old energy, I will light some incense or sage and just burn it around the cards. Most of the time I will actually put my tarot cards individually over a flame just to burn off any energy that's left over. 

Crystals are a fantastic way to clear your decks- like clear Quartz and other crystals that are designed to improve your psychic development, and prayer. So sometimes I simply just ask my angels to come in and clear the cards of any former energy. Now you don't have to do all of this every time you do a reading, that could get very, very, very laborious for you, but if you do the very minimum and you're a bit short on time, then knock three times to clear the old energy off and that'll be simply enough.

Now if you're starting to get readings that are just not making sense or they are cloudy, and you've gone through this article on blockages and you're still getting cloudy readings and keep clearing your deck, just go back and redo the clearing on the cards, and add some of those extra things. So you might burn some sage around it or get some crystals and wave some crystals around it just to boost the psychic energy of the cards. Personally I flame or sage the deck in the morning, then knock in between readings, and keep crystals on my decks at all times. This method for me works quite well! 

Having too many reading can cause blockages

How often should I have or do readings? 

This question is asked A LOT by clients. I advise clients (although other readers will not agree with me) that it's really important to only have a reading no more than once a month. Sometimes I even say for certain clients, they need to wait a few months to make sure that they are giving the energy time to work. 

When we're doing readings we're often going to be reading on a three-month to twelve-month basis. So if you're constantly asking the same question and you've already received a reading around that question, then your client will get blockages and they may need to just wait until the events unfold. I definitely wouldn't recommend getting a reading more than once a week. Alo I do not recommend going to numerous readers as this causes soul confusion and will also create blockages. As I said, the soul needs to process the knowledge of the tarot that you are processing, so it's really good just to let things unfold as the cards have said.

Much Love, 

Awaken the Oracle