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How Do I Strengthen My Psychic Abilities?

How Do I Strengthen My Psychic Abilities?

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

1st Peter 4:10

How Do I Strengthen My Psychic Abilities?

As spiritual healers we know everyone has psychic abilities. Anyone who is able to use their mental powers to be able to do things that are not possible by natural law is a psychic: Telepathy, mediumship, and clairvoyance all fall under the category of a psychic. If someone is clairvoyant, they are psychic. However, a clairvoyant, unlike other psychics, can use their spiritual sight to see events from the past, present, or future. The images they see appear in their mind's eye like you would see in a dream.

For this article I will be talking about the Clairs- Clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairaudient.

Clairvoyance means spiritual sight.

Clairaudient means spiritual hearing.

Claircognizant means spiritual knowing.

Clairsentient means spiritual feeling.

We all have a dominant Clair, which is considered your primary Clair because it is the strongest, but there are other Clairs you may have as well. I have two strong Clairs, Claircognizant and Clairsentient. It is possible to have three or have all four. Some will be quite strong, the dominant, and others weaker. We want to strengthen the weaker ones. 

How do you know what your dominant Clair is?

In order to answer that question, you need to know how you communicate with others. This is a very important sign: 

Do you often say, oh I see what you mean,

Or yeah I see what you are saying,

or I can see how we can solve this,

or I really say that we need to get this completed by a certain day?

If you are someone who uses the word see a lot in your language, you are most likely clairvoyant. 

If you are more likely to say, I hear what you're saying, you would likely be clairaudient.

 If you often use that phrase, yeah I know what you're saying, you could be claircognizant.

And if you say, I feel what this is about or I'm really feeling that it would be best to do this later, you could be clairsentient.

Another way that you'll be able to easily discover your primary Clair is with the following quiz, you’ll become more aware of which Clair (or Claires) you have. Remember that you can be more than one. So, if you think that you might be more than one of the answers, then take more than one answer. Try not to overthink the questions. The very first answer that comes to you will usually be most correct:

Question one -

Take a moment to remember the last vacation or three day weekend you went on.

What do you remember most clearly?

  1. A) the scenery, landscape, the buildings, what people were wearing.
  2. B) how did you feel while you were away; excited, tired, exhilarated, happy, relieved?
  3. C) What did you learn; the local customs of the town, political or historical information that you found interesting.
  4. D) the noises of the place that you were staying at; crashing waves, wind in the mountains, the sounds of people's accents, music on the streets, any noises that you heard.

Question two -

Close your eyes and think about the last time that you met someone new? What did you first notice about them?

  1. A) How they dressed, how they moved, what they looked like? Any distinguishing physical characteristics?
  2. B) How did you feel while you were talking to them? How did they make you feel; warm, happy, nervous, uncertain, relaxed?
  3. C) What you learned from your conversation? Where were they from? Any new interesting information you got such as their political background or the historical background, or anything you learn new about their cultural background?
  4. D) The sound of their voice, their laughter, their accent, how they spoke?


Question Three -

Close your eyes and think about the last movie or show you watched? What do you remember most?

  1. A) How the actors looked, how they dressed, what the scenery was like?
  2. B) How it made you feel; sad, excited, happy, depressed, joyous, confused?
  3. C) What you learned from the film; any important historical information, or cultural, or political information that you did not know before?
  4. D) The soundtrack; the sound of the actor's voices, any music, any natural sounds?

Last question 4 -

Close your eyes and think about a friend you haven't seen for a long time. When you think about this friend, do you remember

  1. A) How they dressed, any key physical characteristics, how they moved, what they looked like?
  2. B) How you felt around them; excited, happy, depressed, joyous, confused, nervous?
  3. C) What you learned from your friendship; their background if it was different from yours, any cultural information, or things that their parents taught you that you didn't know before?
  4. D) The sound of their voice and their laughter? 

Calculate your answers. Remember, you could have more than one for each answer. 

The Results: 

If you got mostly A's, then your primary Clair is Clairvoyant, which means that you have spiritual sight and you will see the past, the present, or the future when you're doing readings. If you are clairvoyant, you usually see images very strongly in your mind's eye and your dreams are unusually vivid. You are often a visual person who loves artwork and loves to look at things for a very long time.

Mostly B's, your primary Clair is Clairsentient, which means that you have spiritual sensing and spiritual feeling, and you seem to sense the past, the present, or the future. Clairsentients usually feel others emotions very strongly and they're often accused of being too sensitive. The reason they are so sensitive is that they are very empathic and they pick up a lot of other people's emotions. A clairsentient's body will react when they are nervous, often resulting in illness if they're being bombarded by too much syncing information.

If you are mostly C's, your primary Claircognizant, which means that you have spiritual knowing and often have a strong knowing of what has happened in someone's past, present, or that will happen. Claircognizant are often quite intellectual and they often are exceedingly curious about history, other cultures and learning new things which involve both lateral and intellectual thinking.

If you are mostly D's, your primary Clair Clairaudient, which means you have spiritual hearing. Your messages will come in oral form and you will often hear messages about the past, the present, or the future. Clairaudient are very sensitive to sound. They don't like loud bangs. And the sound of really, really noisy festivals and things like that can drive them a little bit crazy. On the other hand, they are very passionate about music and they can often hear things in music that others don't. Clairaudient will download all the messages through their hearing, which means that they will hear their messages and guidance, and sometimes if they are really practicing clairaudient, they can have reduced hearing in normal situations, where they don't hear everything correctly because that particular gift is being overloaded.

Now you're going to learn how to take the results from the quiz and learn how to enhance your particular Clair so that you can use it in your personal and professional life.

How to Enhance Your Psychic Power to Improve your Readings

Safely improving your psychic abilities 

In time, you may want to practice enhancing all four abilities so that you don't feel too overwhelmed too quickly. Practice with one or two of the Clair activities, and when you start to feel them improving and gathering confidence with them, return to enhance and improve the others.

These exercises can be done throughout the day or all at once, whichever works best for you. It's very important to take notes on your results, as you not only build your confidence as your skills grow, but you can look back and see how much you've improved over time.

Clairvoyants, a very effective exercise to improve your spiritual sight is to visually observe your space. You can do this by taking one minute to observe the room around you right now. Notice the colors on your desk, or the walls, the textures of any branches on trees outside, the length of your drawers, and just take a huge visual intake on the room that you're in right now. Spending a minute just observing it.

Shut your eyes, and in your mind's eye visually reconstruct the room, focusing on as much detail as possible. To advance this exercise, you can close your eyes and visually reconstruct another room in your home which you haven't observed. When you open your eyes, take notes and see what you've noticed.

This second exercise I recommend for clairvoyance is to keep a dream diary. You can buy a special book just for this purpose, and when you awaken, jot down everything you dreamed about. Concentrating on the visual cues, what were people wearing, were there any noticeable buildings, What did the scenery look like? I suggest with your dream diary giving each dream a title and regularly reviewing your dreams to see if they hold any common themes or patterns. 

Being extra present when you meet new people and visit new places is another great way to improve your visual psychic gifts. Every time you are meeting someone new or going somewhere new, take extra notice of all the visual cues, their clothing. the shape of their lips, their nose, their hands, or if you're going to a new place; what the streets look like, what the people are wearing, what kind of materials are used to construct their houses or buildings, what colors were these materials? Once you have left the person or the place, take a moment to close your eyes afterward and recall the visual details reconstructing the event in your mind's eye.

The last exercise you can do to enhance clairvoyance can take place at the end of your day before bed. Close your eyes for a few minutes and visually reconstruct your day from the moment you wake until you go to bed. Again, taking special effort to recall how things appeared from a visual perspective, how people moved, the colors of furniture, all those visual cues.

Another great tip for clairvoyants is to study symbols. For the simple reason that symbols are easy to understand and visual cues to symbolize a meaning that could otherwise be complicated to explain.

For all healers, a person or client whose soul is preparing to crossover can see your angels and guides around you as they are getting closer to the spiritual realm. I have had several people tell me they can see angels all around me. Some have stated my face is so bright with bright light they can’t see the features of my face. This may not be a surprise for experienced healers, but for the newcomers it may be startling to have someone walk into the room and tell you they see angels all around you before they even say hello! 

Clairsentients are the most vulnerable of the psychic family as they seem to feel everything. Their empathy skills make them wonderful counselors and friends. However, they can too easily take on other's burdens and energy if they aren't extra protective. Clairsentients are often misdiagnosed as being too sensitive, but they are simply just feeling everyone else's emotions and energy too strongly including their own.

A great skill to enhance your Clairsentient is to crowd surf. Always making sure you have double protection, and what I mean by crowd surfing is taking a moment when you're about to enter a room or a venue and closing your eyes and consciously expanding your feelings into the room or the venue trying to feel out the energy of the room, the mood of the people, what the venue feels like. You might feel excitement or sadness or anger. Just play around with how the energy of the room makes you feel. Always remembering to disconnect and cut yourself off afterward.

Another great exercise for clairsentients is to pay extra attention to how people make you feel when you meet them for the first time. Let the emotions wash over you when you are first introduced to someone; do they make you feel warm, excited, happy, nervous, confused? And take a moment when you have walked away to analyze your emotions and how they made you feel. 

Many clairsentients find it frustrating when they can't see in a psychic reading like a clairvoyant. Just know that no gifts are higher than others, and if you feel something in a reading other than seeing something in a reading, this is just as valid.

Often with clairsentients feel, they feel color. They might say, I felt a lot of green around you, instead of saying I saw a lot of green around you. Colors symbolize many different things. Your client may have a blocked chakra or they may be expanding their chakra, or it could be their aura, the aura of the person they have around them, it all depends on the reading. It’s useful for clairsentients to have a good understanding of colors as they are often a key way for their guides to communicate with them. Do your research on Chakras and Auras in order to better help your clients.  

Some clairsentients will not only feel the emotions of others, but you may also pick up on a person’s health issues. I just want to point this out because it happens to me all the time and I have noticed it’s not really talked about. A few years ago I noticed I was picking up on clients health issues at a job I had. They were mostly seniors and I couldn’t figure out why I would go to work alert, energized and ready to tackle my day and then suddenly by back would hurt or my knees would hurt or my stomach wasn’t on par, I was always fatigued. Then I would hear the client in conversation talking about these issues. It was when I was laid off from the job and my health went back to normal I realized what was happening. It is something that still happens to this day. So your abilities will change over time. A side note here: I have found that clients with back issues pull the 10 of wands very frequently, carrying too many burdens. So you may want to ask your client about this in their readings.  

I also want to point out here that you must remember a person’s soul will not always reflect how they are as a human, their behaviors or characteristics. This was difficult for me as I could feel someone’s soul was light with little shadows but yet they would make shady decisions and it always surprises me. For example I knew someone whose soul was light and had a few shadows, he found a cell phone in a store’s restroom and decided to keep it instead of turning it into the store manager. He felt nothing wrong in keeping the phone and it was that person’s loss!  So I stress that their soul does not always reflect their human instinct.  A dark soul will always reflect their human traits. 

Claircognizant is an interesting psychic gift, you just seem to know things without knowing how you know them. Claircognizant is one of my primary Clairs and I have had this since I was young, I could just have answers or know how a situation would play out without knowing how I knew it or where it came from. This was very helpful in school and academic situations, but less helpful with friends and family, where people would get annoyed by it. Often it was just that I held all this information and I assumed that everyone else knew it.

I once had a friend who introduced me to a man she felt would be good for me. I had a short conversation with him and told her no, when she asked me why I told her he is an abuser. Her response was you don’t know that, you had a five minute conversation with him! Two weeks later she came up to me and asked me how I knew. I had no clue what she was talking about as I had dismissed it by then. She told me I was right about the man, she had just found out he abused his last partner. She asked me how I knew, my response was I don’t know, I just knew... 

A great activity to improve your Claircognizance is to notice after watching a show or reading a book or having a conversation recalling everything that you learned from this medium, whether it be historical information, cultural information, or political information. Take notes about what you learnt. 

Another great way to enhance click Claircognizant is to mentally tune in to historical events. You might write down a topic such as World War 2 or the Crusades and start listing everything you know about this historical event. You might be surprised by what is buried in there. You can use this skill while you are watching a documentary too, listening to what the narrator is saying and tuning in to what other information that you can recall that comes through about these events.

Claircognizant can also increase their skills at the end of the day by mentally reconstructing and remembering what they learned and noting what they now know as a result of the day, and by actively and regularly engaging in study, reading lots of books, especially historical and spiritual books, and playing games like Trivial Pursuit - all can improve your claircognizance.

Clairaudients can improve their skills by reaching the new sounds. What this means is to just take a few moments a day to close your eyes and take extra note of what sounds you are hearing. Observe the traffic, the sounds of a neighbor, a dog barking, planes overhead. Try to see how many different things you can hear in one minute and then guess how far away they are. Are there any sounds you don't recognize? What do you think they could be? Tune in and see if you get any answers.

This is one of my favorite exercises for enhancing clairaudience. Turning off the lights and listening to a piece of music that you are very familiar with in the dark. Observe all the subtle notes and tones that you have never noticed before; the drum beats, the guitar, the riff changes. Become really familiar with how music sounds different when there are no visual distractions. 

Clairaudients will also benefit by being extra present when they meet new people and visit new places. After you meet someone new or are going to a new place, close your eyes afterward and recall what their voices sounded like. Were there any background sounds, what does their laughter sound like? Were their voices high or low? At the end of the day, clairaudients can also reconstruct their day by remembering what they have heard.

A freeze frame of your day is really helpful. Breaking it up into segments such as breakfast, what noises could I hear, morning tea, what sounds were obvious? And going like this throughout the day. Regularly practicing some or all of these exercises will enhance your psychic skills and give you much more confidence in giving readings and trusting your skills.

All of these tips should help you in strengthening your dominant and weaker Clairs. If you are comfortable with your dominant Clairs try working on the others and see what you’re able to pick up

Much Love,

Awaken the Oracle