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Is the Twin Flame Journey Real?

Is the Twin Flame Journey Real?

Is the Twin Flame Journey Real?


The Twin Flame Journey- one soul split into two prior to incarnating on the earthly plane. The romance, the chemistry, the challenges, and healing that one receives. Here to change the world one couple at a time, once in union that is. I’m sure you know the details of all this since you are here reading this article.

I had never heard of the Twin Flame Journey until I had met my Flame and had been talking with the Creator about why this man was in my life. What was the purpose? Then I was guided to the Twin Flame Journey and researched it. It was shocking information to absorb. So here’s my story:

I had a really bad migraine one day and dropped my cell phone, the face cracked. A few days later, my one day off from work, I decided I needed to get it repaired. I called every cell phone repair shop around me and no one could help. I was annoyed and shocked. In my endless search for repair, there was one shop left on the list of shops around me I had found on yelp (I never use yelp). I sent a message, they were open and yes he could help. Yay! Finally! 

I remember on the drive there I was extremely nervous. I remember talking with the Creator and asking Him “What is this? Why am I so nervous?” No response,” great on my own on this one, Thanks!” 

I walked in the shop and I immediately felt it. It was like stepping into another world. The division of the Earthly plane and this world was only a door. It was very calm, serene, I could feel love all around me. He came out of his office, looked at me and his first sentence ever to me was “OMG, it’s you.” Then he tripped over some boxes. It was cute! I looked around behind me noting I didn’t notice anyone walking in behind me and realized he was talking to me. I asked if he was okay and he quickly composed himself. He was the most beautiful man I had ever met. 

We then handled our task at hand, my cell phone. He was extremely flirty, the chemistry was something I had never felt before, extremely powerful. I could feel him “reading” me and quickly put him in check letting him know he didn’t have consent to do so. It was unnerving because he COULD read me. Very accurately. I had made it a point in my life to be able to block anyone from reading me. I saw humans as vultures, any vulnerability and they swoop down to their prey. I took pride when people would tell me they can’t read me, I am the hardest person to get to know. Him being able to read me like a book FREAKED me out and drew me in at the same time.

The repair was going to take a few days as my phone was an older series. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, I could feel him instantly, he had the most beautiful soul I had ever encountered. Mainly pure white, very few shadows. Just beautiful even to this day. I didn’t feel his pain, I felt pure love emitting from him. 

Just for clarification, at this point in my life I had never “felt” someone instantly, it always took time, build that trust between my soul and another’s and then I could read them and help them. But this was instant, it was deep, it was magic. I was drawn in, trying to figure out why. When I went to pick up my phone I sat and talked with him for over an hour. This was huge because I am very shy and I didn’t even know this guy! Sitting there talking with him like I had known him forever. Even after that I still went to see him on a regular basis. I was very pulled to him and was trying to understand why. After seeing him a few times he had told me that he wouldn’t be able to see me for a while but gave no explanation as to why.

Then I couldn’t feel him at all. I felt hollow and empty inside and couldn’t figure out why. As I was setting an appointment I saw on the calendar it was the first day of Ramadan. He is from Lebanon and I am Caucasian. I had to actually look it up and know that’s what he was talking about.  When Ramadan passed I could feel him again! I could think of him and he would call me, I would put it out to the Creator I was lonely he would call me. I needed a hug, he dropped everything because he “felt” I needed a hug. We were on the exact same vibration and it was amazing. 

Everything you have ever heard of the Twin Flame Journey is true. The romance, the passion. The first time he kissed me I came to life. The connecting was out of this world. My Flame and I even share the same birthday. 

I was in love with this beautiful man. I couldn’t ever see my life without him. We continued our relationship for three years and then he and the wife he was divorcing when I met him had decided to work it out for the benefit of his children. 

I was devastated and angry. I spoke with the Creator, cried to Him, yelled at Him, I VENTED. I mourned, I healed, and finally questioned. I received my answer: “Your abilities.” What? All of this for my abilities? Seriously? “Look back” I was told. So I reviewed my entire relationship with my Flame. Sure enough, I realized when I had met him my abilities came in full force from day one. My Claircognizant, Clairsentient, and at one point I was able to see his aura which has always been very difficult for me to do.  I could no longer make excuses, deny, or ignore them. I was not happy and felt used by the Divine. 

It was something that I had never come to terms with and then I came across this video from Steve Nobel from The Soul Matrix (see video below) and had a full understanding of the experience. I agree whole heartily in his description and his viewpoint on the Twin Flame Journey. 

I still feel used by the Divine Ones. I feel they tend to forget although we are spiritual beings we are still human. It feels as if their mission is more important than the damage that we as humans go through. When I use rationale instead of emotion I understand the mission is most important as it is constantly good over evil especially now. 

I also understand if I had never met my Flame I would have continued to fight my abilities. I would have never stepped into what the Creator designed me to be. I would have never healed from the traumas the Earthly Plane had thrown at me and would have continued to believe I was unworthy of love or that love was not written for me in this lifetime. 

1 Corinthians 13:2

I often hear others say we can choose if we want to be open to our abilities because of free will, for me that has never been true. I was born this way and there has never been any choice. I know others who have the ability to see those who have crossed over and they don’t want to but are unable to prevent it. 

I have released my Flame. I removed his imprint, I do not “pine” for him or wonder if we will ever reconnect again. I appreciate the experience, I value the time I had with him. I know in my soul if I should ever need him I can always reach out to him and he will be there for me and I am truly grateful to have been able to have met him.

My beloveds… STOP

Stop berating yourself over your Twin Flame Journey 

Stop listening to those who tell you you are not in union because you haven’t healed enough

If you feel you have done the work and truly healed then give it to the Creator. He will show you what has not been healed yet or needs more work. Then he will bring you into union with your Divine Partner. Don’t lose your faith. He will bring your person 

Stop feeling like you must not be in union because you aren’t worthy. You are! You beautiful soul, you are so worthy. 

Stop with the Chaser Runner scenario! By doing so you are creating more pollution to your soul which will need to be healed. A never ending cycle!

Why is the Twin Flame connection so powerful?

Your Flame is literally the other half of you. How you feel for your Flame is how you should feel about you, without them. As your Flame leaves do you still feel that love for yourself or no? If not, explore why.

I can go on and on but with the above example I wanted to emphasize your Flame is LITERALLY YOU, the other half of you, you know YOU better than anyone else. What you don’t like about your Flame you don’t like about YOU. Your Flame carries those aspects of you that you don’t feel comfortable about yourself. Your Flame came into your life to teach you about YOU. You were getting lost and derailed from your path so your Flame was guided by the Divine to show you. Then release them. They fulfilled their responsibility to you. 

Once you allow this to absorb through your being, that they are here to teach you about yourself, you will be able to move forward onto that purpose the Creator has designed for you. 

Give everything you wish and desire to the Creator, release it to Him and let it go and go on with your life. Being that beautiful soul he created and watch the magic he brings you. 

This was my journey. I do hope this brings a greater understanding to you or even gives you that moment where it all makes much more sense. 

I wish to say thank you to #SteveNobel from the #SoulMatrix for your message. Although the Creator and Divine Ones speak with me I sometimes need that clarification on the messages I receive from the earthly plane. Much love to you! 




Much Love to all my beloveds,

Awaken the Oracle