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What Do the Four Elements Mean?

What Do The Four Elements Mean?

This article came about so you could find out a little bit more about yourself, family, friends, and assignments (If you are working your light). You may have an easier time getting along with them or knowing them because you will have the tools. Hopefully you will use these tools whether it's in regards to resolving a problem or a misunderstanding, or working with your clients.

This really comprises of two parts: one includes one's destiny and the second part has to do with one’s character. These two are determined and are established at the moment of one's creation. Most people are not aware of this.

It’s very similar to a GPS system. We have cars that have a GPS that tells you five miles go right or go left until you actually get to your destination.  As long as the maps are accurate and the satellite is working,  you know you will get to your destination. It’s the same way as your creation. In finding a job that suits your particular life, who you will marry for this particular lifetime, friends that you have, the places where you will be, all of the challenges that you will confront, all of that is destiny. 

One's character is also just as important because it gives one the abilities, the talents, strengths or the weaknesses, that they need to deal with. Just to be a little bit clearer; with destiny we’re talking about the direction, or one’s mission, every single person has a particular mission, a unique mission, and their character relates to their identity and what their style is. 

How well one conducts himself: is he a reserved type, a believer, an open and sociable type? All of this is important because in order to accomplish their mission they will be given a certain personality, certain characteristics that will help them accomplish their mission whatever the mission may be.  

Just a couple points before we begin, the rules governing destiny are fixed and they're usually not changeable. An example would be: Someone in a previous life was very wealthy, however they were greedy and chose not to be charitable or help others. In this lifetime his destiny was to learn what it is like to struggle, live in poverty, and do without any kind of help. 

Changes however are possible to survive. With charity (this is a Divine Law), meditation and prayer one can actually change these rules that are fixed. An example of a rule that's fixed: An individual is only going to make a certain amount of money in his lifetime as noted in the first example above. He works hard, puts in a lot of hours, does everything he can to improve his situation, but is unable to make any more no matter what he does. Then one day he gives five dollars to a charity or helps a struggling neighbor, at the end of the week he somehow has an extra hundred dollars he can’t understand how he got. The rules are fixed but because he gave when he really didn’t have anything to give or really didn’t want to give, he was able to change it. When it comes to charity, the Divine does not take note of the emotion, only the deed. Whether the person really wanted to be charitable or not does not matter, only that he gave. There’s always a loophole. Always. 

By putting good out in the world, knowing you can make some improvements, and by communicating with the Divine, then you can change those rules that have been fixed from the moment of your creation.

Point number two; the rules governing character are more fluid. The environment and education in this impart their influence - even though I just finished saying that the moment of one's creation certain things have been determined based on the hour we were born. Let us not forget that the environment and one's education, their genes, and their discipline. When I say discipline, I mean what one does with free will and what one can't control. 

So even though he has received a certain personality he can not necessarily change, but he can control it. We can be more fluid, it's much more flexible even though it's not possible to completely change who you are, what you are, who you are always going to be, but you can control yourself. You can refine your character.

In regards to twins or multiple births, just because they were born within minutes of each does not mean they will have the same life. Similar lives, but not the same because they were created separately and therefore have separate destinies to fulfill. You can have certain similar patterns but not everything is exactly the same. The reason I point this out is because I don't want you to go to an astrologer and have your map or your horoscope done and it not be accurate. Even though they know a lot of information, they may not coincide with all of the information. 

The majority of ancient spiritual leaders, rabbis and priests were given the teachings that the stars would have an influence over our lives at the moment of birth. One has to remember that there are many years between ancient times and today. We don't have the exact knowledge that they had. You cannot be 100 percent accurate. Just because we may  make mistakes and maybe our information is off a little does not mean that this knowledge is not valid. It is completely valid, completely acceptable, it’s just that we do not have all the information. 

The reason I point this out is because if somebody ever tells you astrology has been debunked,  it has been proven false, it has been shown to be nonsense, and there are some skeptics out there. Just remember, just because they have not found any proof, any solid proof does not make it false. Even though we may not have solid proof we know it's attacked just like creation is. Something created the world, it did not happen by itself. It's the same with astrology, the fact that we have certain resources. This is in fact a true science that is sufficient for us, to remind us, even though we may not be able to prove it. 

Everyone of us has some strengths and some weaknesses. Everyone has their one particular character, their nature, ethics and morals. There's no doubt that some people have a particularly dark side that is difficult like anger or laziness. It may be that they have come into this world in part to work on that, particularly now. We all have to work on our one particular character, or our nature. It doesn't mean just because they have certain weaknesses that they have to live with it, they have to attempt their best to work on it. So this particular area may also be part of one's mission even though their overall mission may be more grand. But there's no doubt that their character trait that they have is definitely part of what he has to accomplish in this lifetime. To work on himself.

The character traits that I am talking about are usually embedded in an individual from the moment of birth, however there are certain characteristics and certain traits that are inherited.

It’s the same as inheriting traits from one's family. There is something that is transmitted over in the genes. What's the difference between what is transmitted and what you get when you're born? It's very difficult to know, but what we do know is that what has been transmitted genetically is much more superficial than that which we receive at the moment of birth. In other words the real character and personality of an individual is much more, has much more to do with his sun sign with the moment of birth than what his family imparted on him.

Then we have that outlook, the perspective, people's way of thought; he's a communist, he's a liberal. That may have been picked up in school, that may have been picked up in the street, that may have been picked up at home. That has to do with one's education. These particular characteristics or ideas or mindset is much more flexible. People change their minds all the time. People who yesterday were communist are now liberals. That's possible because these are not ingrained. So we have to make this distinction too. 

What we're going to be talking about is that which is really ingrained that which was not picked up anywhere. You received it as a package, it's part of your nature and that will define every human being in one way or another.

Now many of you probably know that there are 12 basic signs. Does that mean that there's 12 kinds of people? There is a great emphasis on the hour, for the soul there is an emphasis on the hour, in astrology the hour is very important. The hour makes a big difference. You have 12 signs and you have 24 hours a day, (Also note there are the 12 tribes of Israel)  plus there's other influences at the moment of birth - other than the hour. It's there for the composite picture of many elements at the time of birth that will make this individual unique. So even though we have 12 signs we have 12 x 12 x 12 x 12 x 12 x 12 there's a lot of additional influences and it comes close to about a half a million types of individuals. If you really want the very fine details that is what you get approximately. It is acceptable to say that there's 12 main types of people, and we're going to break it down to four when we talk about the elements. 

But for now, we are all more familiar with the signs. Twelve signs,12 months. When it comes to astrology you need to know the exact position of the sun not the moon. Astrology has a lot to do with the Sun, the Sun sign is at the moment of birth. wherever the position of the Sun was at that time. 

So then the Sun sign is one that an individual has received and gives you certain inclinations, it will give them certain attractions, they will have certain interests, and among those interests will also be what kind of a profession to choose. Remember that we said one’s character or nature contains one’s mission or how is he supposed to know what to do in his life as far as career? Part of that mission will include what kind of job; should he go to school to become a lawyer, to become a doctor, he will be automatically pulled in the direction of whatever it was he was created to do. Everyone’s character has certain inclinations of certain interests. Remember when you were in high school, you could pretty much divide the classes - there were some that liked the sciences, math, and there's some that liked humanities, language, and history. There were very few who liked both or all and there was a lot that didn’t like anything to do with school.  

But where does all that come from? Not because your dad was a mathematician, are you gonna be one. There's a lot of great scientists whose parents must have been peasants or very simple people, but they were born of a certain nature that led them to become inventors. There's nothing to become a mathematician, physicist, astrologer, or whatever. Everyone's pulled in different directions. You have very few that are very much into everything. It's impossible. Just like a doctor in the medical field, there are different types of specialists, there's all kinds of doctors. You don't have one doctor today doing everything like you did 200 years ago. A doctor was a doctor for everything. The medical field has become so large, there's so much, it is impossible for one individual to do all of this. So everyone specializes in the field of their liking. 

There are some people who are doing something they don't enjoy. I did not say that everyone will pick themselves up and go do what they enjoy because depending on what his destiny is, it may not be so. An example here is to imagine that you worked so hard to pass the bar and then you met a girl, let’s suppose her father says why don't you come to join my business?  So he figures well I’m going to make more money working for my father in law’s business than I'm going to make trying to defend somebody in court. Of course that may turn out to be the case. So that was his destiny to marry someone and he will work for his father in law. So he's not necessarily doing what he’s best at but that was his destiny. 

Usually most people are pulled in the direction of what they like, and in the interests that they have. Trying to accomplish our job and doing it as best as we possibly can, we need help. Where are we going to get all the help from? One is with our soulmate which we'll talk about later on. What is this concept of a soulmate? Who is that special person who we are supposed to share our life or part of our life with?  Who would that special person? But they’re definitely a helper. This means that they will help, they will assist you in accomplishing your goal. They will therefore have what you don't have, and the two will compliment each other. You will have what they don’t have. Then there will be friends and these friends will assist you in some other way. These friends will usually tend to be compatible with you, a compatibility that will produce  affinity. You will get along with them, you will enjoy being with them, you will listen to them, hopefully. You're not going to listen to somebody that you don’t like so that individual is not going to help you. If someone is going to help you, and  you're going to listen to someone then it’s probably going to be somebody that you respect, somebody you get along with, somebody you don't suspect that he has something against you. So as we're going to see this is a very important point in astrology, that there needs to be a certain affinity. A certain compatibility between people, between the signs, in order for them to really succeed as a couple or as a friend.

However, there are some individuals that are completely opposite. Very very different from us and sometimes they help us too. Imagine somebody doesn't easily get things done, that's his nature, and he meets up with somebody who's a big pusher, he doesn't like the pusher, he was always pushing him around and telling him what to do. But in reality that pusher may help this person, because on his own he would never do anything. He may have been put in his life to give him a push because that's what he needs. 

Now don't misunderstand when they tell you that opposites attract. Opposites don't attract. If you have somebody who's stingy and somebody who's a big spender, they're not gonna last too long together. They're opposites. When do they attract? When they need each other. They're different, of course they're different, they're opposites, but they're opposites that need each other. Not opposites that don’t need each other, so you have to be careful when you say opposites attract. 

Now we're going to start with the interesting part. We're going to talk a little bit about the various differences that exist between human beings and what creates the glue between some of them, and why there is sometimes a lack of glue, and how some people have no interest for each other. 

If you want to know what somebody feels about you after all we don't actually know what is in someone’s mind, we don't really know what they’re thinking about us, we'd love to sometimes dig into that and figure out what they’re thinking but it's impossible. It's not impossible, Whatever you feel toward someone, they will feel towards you. When you put your face in the water, when you look at a stream in a river, and you see your reflection, so is the reflection of a heart to a heart. However you feel toward someone that individual feels towards you. That is not to say the first day you met them, because some people are have something called love at first sight, that's not always something to depend on, to rely on, because that may dissipate with time. You may have been attracted, you may have felt one way towards a person, but with time those feelings will change. Emotions can be very misleading. 

We are talking about a situation where you know somebody for a while. You've known them for several months, you've known them for several years, you can rest assured whatever you feel towards them, they feel towards you. You may be more willing to sacrifice. You may be willing to do much more for that individual. That does not mean that he or she does not care as much about you. Some people are more capable of sacrifice, some people are more into certain things. To give you an example, a birthday, you care very much for your friend. You call them up to wish them a happy birthday. It’s very nice that you remembered their birthday. How about buying them a card, you may go out of your way to buy them a card. What about not buying them a card, writing one on your own, taking the time to compose your own words. That's very nice. Then buying a gift, going out of your way to visit them, there's so much that a person can do for those that he cares for to demonstrate this love or friendship. Does that mean that the other one does not reciprocate in the exact same way, that he doesn't love them? Not necessarily, the other one just communicates differently. People have a different way of showing affection. 

Some fathers don't show affection to their children. Does that mean they don't love them? Most parents love their kids. Yes, there are some crazy ones, but most parents love their children. There is a passion in a parent, a parent usually loves their child much more than their child loves them because that’s ingrained, it’s part of their nature. But fathers sometimes do not

know how to communicate, doe know how to demonstrate, it does not mean he has no love for his child. He loves his child very very much. He just doesn’t know how to say it or show it. In the same way as friends and couples, even though one may invest more in the relationship that does not mean that the other one does not care as much. As long as one thing is positive about the other, you can be sure that the other one feels the same way.

If you don't like someone, you have something against someone, you just don't like the way he is, he doesn’t care about you either. One of you may do something extreme because you don't like him, that's because people are different in how they react and how they deal with certain situations but whatever you feel towards a person, I assure you 100% that's the way they feel towards you.

You know why that is so? Because it has to do with the elements. Even though we said before that there are 12 signs, 12 individual types of people, basic types, we can really break it down to four, four kinds of elements. The four elements are earth, air, water, and fire. You may have heard that we have 12 signs, that means that we have three signs in every element.



Fire element Aries Leo and Sagittarius 

Earth element Capricorn Taurus and Virgo 

Air element Libra Aquarius and Gemini 

Water element Cancer Scorpio and Pisces

If you don't know your element yet, you can figure it out now. as long as you know your sign, you will know what element you are.  

There are people on the borderline, but once you look at the whole chart, and you know the hour, you will find that people tend to be more in one element than another. The reason for 

that is as follows, even though we just divided the 12 signs into four, in reality we said before also that the hour counts, and there’s much more to the month than the hour. So altogether you can have an individual that has a little bit of all the four elements in it because after all everything in creation has all four elements. 

The question here, and this is the key question, a lot of astrologers don't put enough emphasis on, some do, but not all, is that what we are interested to know, what is the main element in this individual? I’ll tell you why this makes a difference.

In creation all those that have more of an earth element live on the ground. Earth is the ground. All those that have more emphasis on the water element are living in the water. Why can't we live underwater? We need oxygen, because we have air in us, we have earth in us, we can't just live under water. Fish, except for the whales, almost have no need for that much oxygen because most of their element is water. That is why they live in water. Then you have birds. They can fly, why can’t we fly? Because their element is mostly air. Then you have, of course, the fire element. The fire element, which is most of the gasses in the atmosphere, which is even higher than the air. 

Everything is in its location where it needs to be. Everything in creation has a little bit of all four, but some have a little bit more than others, and that is what we need to know. We need to know what element  we have the most because once we know the element  that is the supreme, we will know who we can get along with and who we will never be able to get along with. You can still be polite, just because you don’t like a person, you can still be nice to them. But the facts are always going to be the same. You're not going to feel an affinity for him. You're not going to go play golf with him. You're not going to enjoy being in his company. That's just a fact.

If he comes over, if he invites himself over, you’ll say okay fine. Are you going to  enjoy every minute of his company? No. Depending on the elements you will know who you get along with and who you do not. 

Let’s begin with the element of Fire 

This has been put together in such a way that you can see this as skillful and unskillful. That is, one of the strengths and the weaknesses that every element has. Just remember, even though you've identified your element by the month, you may see some of these things or may not see some of these things, depending on what you are. So you really have to get to know the whole chart of the individual to see what's the dominant element. If he has a dominant element, then most of this will be true.

So when it comes to the elements of fire, which we have three signs, each one is unique in some way. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are not going to be exactly the same. All 12 signs 

have something unique about them, but they will share certain things in common. Those who are the elements of fire are usually very lively. There are a  lot of keywords that have been put together, a lot of adjectives, a lot of words that have been compiled from different sources

and different books that pretty much describe just about everything you've ever seen in a fire person. Radiant, glowing, warm, energetic, creative, aspiring, spontaneous, passionate, daring. All of these are very very good qualities depending on how they use it. You need a general who is daring, who can be spontaneous, and can make decisions on the spot if necessary. You need  somebody energetic to carry out a very important job, assertive, courageous, self-confident, independent, to make decisions, enthusiastic, aspirational, domestic. All of these are good qualities.

I mean not every one of the fire months has all of these, but they may have some because they were born in a month whose element is fire. You will definitely see some of these if you have fire in you. If you have a lot of fire in you then you will see most of these. However, every element has something that is not so skillful, an unskilfull application. A person who has a lot of fire can be a hot-headed person, he's rash, and when he makes quick decisions they can be the wrong decisions, he's impatient and impulsive, uncontrollable, aggressive. Remember pushy? Here it is the pushy one. Domineering, obnoxious, and insensitive. Very very negative words but they're very very realistic. There are individuals out there who are obnoxious. I'm sure some of you know at least one person like that. Fanatical, unrealistic. Why is all this important? The unskillful ones. Take a look at one of the keywords: insensitive. If you meet up with someone and they’re 

insensitive to you, that's because, it could be that he has a lot of fire in him. Does that mean that he's bad? No. It doesn't mean that he's bad, just that's his nature. He's not sensitive, he won't pick up on that you were insulted. He used the wrong word and you were insulted. He doesn't realize that because he's not sensitive. It does not mean that it makes a person wicked bad. These are those characteristics that define what his personality is all about.

Even though we have certain tendencies and certain inclinations no one should ever say I was born like that. You have free will, you can control yourself, you can discipline yourself. Some don’t know how to work through their negative traits, others feel they have no reason to try to correct them, and they don't even consider it an issue. They walk around saying I was born like that, no you weren’t. You have certain dependencies of certain inclinations and certain things that have trapped you right? Maybe certain psychological and emotional upheavals in your life that have caused you to go in one direction. So what? That's the wrong direction and you control yourself, have free will and that free will is very powerful stuff. Even though you were born in a certain way, you can still work on it and control yourself. One needs to deal with his weaknesses and know how to best apply his strengths as well. By spending time with the Divine in prayer and meditation, this can be achieved. 

Remember with all the bad there's also good. The problem with people is a lot of times we tend to focus only on the negative and not only the good that everyone has. Everyone has something good too. Depending of course if he uses it or not. A lot of people just use the unskillful application, but everyone has something good.

The element of Air

They are the more intellectual. They are the very social ones. They have more of a sense of humor, more happy, more rational. They're very very good at communicating. A lot of them make good journalists, which is a rarity today, a  good journalist. But anyway they communicate well. Inquisitive. impersonal, impartial, that's very important. You want to know if someone is going to be a good judge? If it’s a Libra, yes. Libras tend to make very good judges, they can be very impartial. 

So who are the air signs? Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius  Dispassionate, fair, tolerant, clever, witty, and versatile. These are the skillful applications. These are the positives that they have, as long as they use them. As long as they apply them, they can accomplish a great deal.

It does not mean that none of the rest are not intellectual. You can have someone whose fire, whose water, be very intellectual. But because the emphasis is an air element, this person will be much more interested in reading books, in communicating a lot more than the other individuals who do not have air. As I said before we all have a little bit of all four elements, but there are individuals who have a lot of one and therefore you will recognize all of these characteristics much more than in someone else. 

One of the unskillful applications, one who is very spacey, over intellectual, very wordy, nosy, gossipy. This is very important here, the gossiping, as I mentioned before the various characteristics that we need to work on. There are some individuals who will have a harder time with this. Slandering or gossiping, talking about other people, they should mind their own business right? But because they have it in their nature, they don't. They have a hard time. 

The element of air also has certain weaknesses. They can be uncaring, detached, airy elements are very space and very absent-minded. You're walking down the street and you say hello to them and they don’t acknowledge you. You may think it’s because they don’t like you so you decide not to say hello to them next time you see them.  They get so caught up in their thoughts that they  could've been in Hong Kong, their thoughts were somewhere else at that moment. They weren’t acknowledging you because they honestly didn't see you. They weren’t paying attention. Does that make him disrespectful towards you? You may think so but perhaps you should learn to look around you, to greet everybody around you. Some people are very sensitive, so somebody who has a lot of air may not be focused on those who are around him and he's called detached, uncaring. But it’s not exactly so. It just means that he's not paying attention, it doesn't mean it really doesn't care.

Air elements are sometimes indecisive. Especially libras, They can't make up their minds because they're always weighing everything; the pros and cons. They’re good judges as we said before. They're inconsistent.


The element of Water 

Water people are the ones that cry the most often. A lot of sensitivity, a lot of emotions, very nurturing, empathetic, compassionate, very much into bonding, receptive, psychic. A lot of psychologists have a lot of the element of water in them. A lot of them are also mysterious. What does being mysterious have to do with anything? Someone who wants to work for the FBI, or the CIA, someone who wants to investigate something very mysterious, to figure something out, will have Scorpio in them. Scorpios are usually the best for investigating and determined to figure it out. To dig deep deep deep deep. It doesn’t mean if someone's from a different sign they won't be able to do a good job, but a Scorpio will have the talent for it ,they will have an interest in it, they won't go to sleep until they figure it out. It takes certain characteristics to be able to do a certain job and he or she he's better fit for this job because of these characteristics.

Water elements also have some unyielding or unskillful applications. They are very clingy, overemotional, insecure, shy. There’s nothing wrong with being shy, a little bit, but sometimes too much of it is no good. Lacks order, lacks ego strength, weak, powerless, dependent, very much dependent. Someone who is water, if they marry someone who's very strong, takes over, cares, that’s the perfect match. That's what they need, they want to depend on someone. They can also be deceptive and untruthful. So if you’re going to hire someone you are going to want to know how much water element he has because he may be untruthful and deceptive .Anyway, you always have to give the benefit of the doubt. Don’t automatically suspect that someone has all of the above here but if they do have a large amount of water they may have certain insecurities, they may not be very organized, they may be dependent. They will have quite a few of these. Now you won't find too many of these in a fire sign. They are the complete opposite of fire. Fire people are independent, they are not going to be dependent. If you see a Leo who's dependent, there are lions that don’t roar, but they're not going to be very dependent. They are always independent, at least they’ll show they are independent. Deep down they may have certain insecurities because it all depends on the dominant element and that individual who is a Leo may not be completely fire depending on the hour he was born.  They may have a lot of water in them so you have a Leo who is shy, that’s very possible. A Leo that is a lot calmer, a lot more subdued. Very possible.


The element of Earth 

Skillful applications of an Earth element is that they are the most practical, pragmatic, realistic, reliable, trustworthy. You give a job to someone who has a lot of earth, they can carry it out. You can go away and trust that it's going to happen if you couldn’t do it. They are stable, structured, and patient. They will hold on to a job for 50 years. Only earth elements can hold on to something for so long. They're industrious, productive, and consistent. 

But with all of these good things, comes the extreme of this. What would you say the extreme of persistent is? Stubborn. When we talk about the unskillful applications of the element of earth you will find they are overly conservative and afraid to take risks, because they just like things the way they are. They want to be secure. They are stubborn, rigid, and unyielding. Not everyone, it all depends. Remember we have the Capricorn, Taurus and the Virgo. They are going to be somewhat different. Some of them can be narrow-minded, have tunnel vision. They are obstinate and transigent, inflexible, unbending, and unchangeable. If you have an individual who has all the negatives of the earth element, you will recognize it.  Not every earth element has all of this, they will have some positive and some negative. Hopefully not too much negative but it's possible for an earth person to have quite a bit of these depending on various factors. Remember, we still have free will. Even if someone has tunnel vision or is unyielding they are capable of teaching themselves. and training themselves to be a little bit different. One can definitely form certain habits and once you form habits they become second nature. 

Element combinations 


Why do we need to know the elements? Because we need to know who gets along with who, what problems may arise, people who are the same elements, the same sign. different signs, different elements.

Fire and Fire, what can happen? What are the good things and what are the bad? Two fire signs, it could be a tremendous amount of energy or it can produce competition. Everyone wants to be the boss in the house. There are some people that have this problem. They are both fire trucks, they're both controlling, they both want to be the boss and they can't get along. 

Fire and Air is usually a good combination because air has a lot of ideas and they need fire to push them. Fire gives the initiative and feeds the flames but there may be too much theory and not enough application.

Fire and Earth  Earth sometimes teaches the fire a lesson. With all your excitement, be more practical.  Earth’s practicality grounds the fire’s inspiration. But what's unskillful about the two of them? Earth is too conservative for fire. Fire wants to have fun, an adventure, he wants to take a risk. All those ones who are buying the junk bonds, the stocks, they have fire. They love taking risks, not that conservative earth never. So if they are together they are going to have problems. Whether it's a partnership or marriage. Earth doesn't want to take a chance. The fire needs  adventures, wants to be independent, don't tell him what to do.

Fire with Water Water’s sensitivity balances fire’s intensity. The fire encourages the water who's timid. Usually they don't work well together. Water needs a lot of closeness, bonding, and affection and fire says leave me alone. I want to be free and independent and this water sign is going to have a problem with it. If you ever wonder why people don't get along, here's a little bit of an idea. 

Earth  and Earth  usually they are very productive. They are more as friends. In order for earth and earth to get married there needs to be some water. They are unskilled because if you just have a lot of Earth on the two sides, it can become a little boring. They are very similar, it’s not as exciting. 

Sometimes you need a change, and when two are earth they don't want to change. They will be stuck in the same house that was built 85 years ago. You want someone who says let's go ahead and change the kitchen, let’s remodel. You need someone that wants a little bit of a change to freshen up the house. 

Earth and Air Earth applies air’s ideas in a useful way but usually earth’s desire for consistency conflicts with air’s need for change.

Earth and Water  Earth goes great with water because it stabilizes its structure to the water and the water nourishes or nurtures the earth, and gives us light. Just like the water gives life to earth but on the opposite side, too much comfort prevents growth and keeps the partnership stuck in the mud. There can be some unskillful or some weaknesses in this relationship too.

Air and Air they delight in communication. Off they go. They just talk the whole day. Two air signs, that's all they’ll do. Or, some of them love to read books, so you will have them sitting at two ends of the room each one reading a different novel. Now if they were water and earth or earth and earth they would sit on the same sofa next to each other because they want to be close to each other, forget the book they want to bond. Not the air and air, they just want to read and they will choose a different corner, something different and they'll be happy. They will just talk to each other. A lot of people, that is what they have, communication. They don't necessarily have affection and warmth. They don't necessarily do a lot of things together. But they talk, they talk a lot. They don't know when to stop talking. Then you have the unskillful. An unbalanced air can keep the relationship overly intellectual, and ungrounded. Obviously if there's too much air, then people don't get things done. 

Air and Water air’s intellect is respectful to the water's emotions. Makes them think. Water is usually to themselves and the air is giving them a little more direction. Something to think about. However, the logic conflicts with water’s feelings. Air is logical, they reason and water doesn’t want to be logical. Water is moody. Water wants to feel something and the air can not communicate so well with the one who has the water because one is feeling something and the other one is thinking about it. So there could be a problem in connecting with the two of them. 

Water and Water of course they can support, encourage, and heal each other. But sometimes when two people who have a lot of water together, there can be a lot of hypersensitivity, too dependent and afraid to take risks. 

In conclusion, the more one knows himself the better he will be able to understand others. The trick to understanding others in our lives is first understanding or knowing ourselves. If we know ourselves, with our strengths and our weaknesses, we will be able to relate better to other individuals as well. A lot of people don't know themselves, don't realize that they may be sensitive or too narrow-minded, right?  The various characteristics that we pointed out because you don't know, you don't identify, they can't figure out other people either. But everyone is the same in some ways. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, however some people can get along better with others because there's more than affinity and that has to do with the elements. That was described today. So this is just a fact of life that many of you, perhaps this is the first time you've heard about this, but this is really what explains in part why certain people we get along very easily and others have a hard time. There are some individuals out there that will not be able to get along with anyone, that's because they really have a serious problem. They live with all their the weaknesses of all the elements they have, Perhaps although they have an emotional problem because someone can be moody and someone can be very very moody. You know what happens when somebody's very very moody? They can become depressed and even in depression, this can be manic depression, this could go on and on and obviously some people need medical help.

No matter what your situation is as long as the individual is somewhat healthy, through his free will he can conquer much.

Here is a chart to see what your secondary element is based on the hour you were born. An example would be a Libra (Air) born at 3:45 am would have a secondary element of Earth in Taurus. So that Libra would have Air and Earth in their chart 


Hour Born 

Secondary Element


2 am to 2 am 



2 to 4 am  



4 am to 6 am 



6 am to 8 am 



8 am to 10 am  



10 am to 12 pm



12 pm to 2 pm



2 pm to 4 pm 



4 pm to 6 pm 



6 pm to 8 pm 



8 pm to 10 pm 



10 pm to 12 am



Much Love, 

Awaken the Oracle