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What was the Original Purpose to Tarot?


What Was the Original Purpose of Tarot


What was the Original Purpose of Tarot?

Tarot originated in the Medieval Era (1500s). Not all had the ability, one we take for granted as natural, to read. There were some in royalty who could not even read so they had to trust the scribes to read documents for them. Life was rural. Most of the population worked, education was a luxury. 

Tarot came about to teach people about their physical (earth) and soul (spiritual) journey. It’s about the connection to our Creator, the Spiritual Realm, and how to implement it into physical reality. Because the people couldn’t read, the cards had images so they could understand. This was a complete defiance to the Church and therefore considered evil as they desired to have complete control over the people. 

Over the years Tarot has changed, it was Court de Gebelin who decided to change it. He was one of the most influential developers of Tarot of his time and how it has been taught today. Originally the High Priestess was actually a female pope, Joan. She reigned as Pope John VIII (855-857 CE) She loved our creator so much she disguised herself as a man and studied in Rome and eventually made it to be a pope. The story goes that when she was found out about the gender deception the townspeople tore her apart and killed her. 

Over the years the cards deviated from being spiritual to being fortune/future telling as we see Joan (Pope John VIII) was changed to the High Priestess card. Tarot was never intended to tell the future. Never to be used to see how you could win the lotto or if your former lover has someone new. It’s about learning to co-exist with Spirit. Learning how to combine both (earthly and spiritual) and live at peace with self and be one with our Creator. Understanding that each situation and life experience is to teach us about who we are and to be open and trust the Divine will guide us on the path we were destined to have. Knowing deep in our soul that these experiences, negative or positive, are to level us up and prepare us for the next steps of our journey. It’s about learning about your soul and it’s connection to the Spiritual world and teaches us to pay attention to the signs. What one needs in order to heal the soul and have a stronger connection to our Creator so we understand the guidance the Spiritual World is trying to convey to us. 

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