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Taurus May 12th Birthday Angel Messages

Taurus April May 12th Birthday Angel Messages



The changes you are considering or currently making are present in your life in order to bring about necessary changes that will bring you in direct alignment with your Divine life purpose and soul mission. Trust that these life changes are supported and encouraged by the angels.

Have positive thoughts and an optimistic attitude about the changes taking place in your life. Have faith and trust that they will bring positive new opportunities and experiences for you to gain from and you will find personal fulfillment and happiness.

Do not be hindered by old habits that need to be changed. Look to new experiences with optimism as they will bring about favorable and positive effects and opportunities for you. It also helps with achieving your goals and aspirations, and allows for the ‘old’ to be replaced with the ‘new’.

Use repetitive positive affirmations to assist with manifesting your desires, as every time you repeat an affirmation, the conscious mind plants the seed, and the subconscious mind waters it.


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