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Taurus April May 1st Birthday Angel Messages

Taurus April May 1st Birthday Angel Messages



Major life changes are around (or ahead) of you and it may be a time of upheaval and transition. Listen to your intuition and the guidance from the angels during the transformational changes taking place in your life, and maintain a positive attitude and outlook. Release any fears and/or concerns to the angels for healing and trust that these changes will bring about positive opportunities and new beginnings for you. Trust that all is going to the Divine plan and your angels encourage you to go with the flow of these much needed changes.

Our thoughts bring about our life circumstances and we create our own realities. Positive thoughts and actions bring about positive energy, so have faith in your own intuition and trust that the changes you make in your life will be positive and auspicious for you. Look forward to wonderful new beginnings.

What you choose to think today will start creating tomorrow.


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