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8 Signs Of Being In The Presence Of The Divine Mother

8 Signs Of Being In The Presence Of The Divine Mother


It's important to keep in mind that, contrary to what we might like to believe, life on Earth is not without challenges.  We’re here, in part to manage our dysfunctions. We are not here to actually heal ourselves. That’s something between us and God. You can’t do that without God. 


Without involving God, none of the self-help organizations, books, meditations, or other techniques can genuinely help you. We can only control ourselves, which is why some people mistake the self-help movement for spirituality since they don't want to acknowledge God. They consider it outdated, so they merely join the self-help movement. Attempting to develop without God. 

In theory, you can't do that since God is the thing you're attempting to develop into. Therefore, if God isn't involved, the aim is gone, and all you're left doing is dealing with your problems. Which is by the way, better than not managing them at all. So there’s sleeping people; not managing, Awakening people managing; Awake people; with God. 

The Holy Spirit is referred to as the Divine Mother in the same way that the Israelites once referred to the Holy Spirit. They added the pronoun she. Because it is similar to the Father and Mother God aspect, it has a feminine quality. The Holy Spirit is its motherly component. It doesn't matter if you understand, accept, or repeat that. What matters is that there really is no gender at all.

God is not a dualistic being. Although duality appears to exist on the Earthly plane, God is nevertheless One and has existed before duality. God the One will still exist once duality is eliminated from our belief systems.

The Holy Spirit is the overarching force behind everything. She is the healing aspect of the Earthly Plane. There is no escaping the Mother. We are encased in the Mother's universal womb.

No matter the dimension a person believes they are in, they are still a part of the multidimensional cosmos. The Mother, rather than the Father, who is beyond dimensions, opted to adopt dimensionality in order to relate to us and aid in our return to non-dimensionality.

We believe that as new technologies such as multidimensional quantum physics, shamanism, crystal healing, reiki healing, and others emerge, we are progressing from one thing to one that is superior to the previous one. Every single one of them is the Divine Mother appearing to you at the level where you are ready for her to do so. One is not superior to the other; rather, YOU are better and YOU are changing.  It’s all the Divine Mother appearing in a way we will most accept. 

There are gifts that come with surrendering to the Divine Mother. You could be completely atheistic and she doesn’t care. It will lessen your ability to connect with God, to be atheistic or agnostic, but she doesn’t care what you call yourself. She can’t really define you by linear little titles, male, female, mother, non mother, etc. She is more of “these are my holy children in whom I am well pleased.” That’s it. Holding space for us, unconditionally appearing in a way that can reflect to us where we are at. 

If you were to tell her “I’m really struggling today,” she would say and so it is. Because of that statement, now the music that comes on the radio will be some sad song to encompass your depression. You may see this as some sort of synchronicity, however subconsciously your soul says I know you want to be depressed today but I don’t want to be. The soul gets to have the last word. The soul says no, and instead of some sad song coming on the radio a song of hope comes on. The Divine Mother is telling you I know you’re in a miserable mood but there’s part of you that you’re not consciously in touch with, your soul, and it’s not wanting to be miserable. Are you going to go with the sad song, or listen to your soul’s calling and the Divine Mother? She’s willing to match us, but asking us always, are you willing to go a little more?

It is impossible to be without the Holy Spirit. Our creation is ignited by the Divine Mother. Not only biologically but also spiritually. 

How does the Holy Spirit appear to us?

She makes herself known in numerous ways. There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are hoped for in all the philosophies; it is not structured or linear as some may think or hope. 

The following ways she appears to us are not the only ways. As just previously stated she appears in many different ways, and in ways that will relate to you specifically in your life. These are the most common and most powerful ways she appears. This doesn’t mean that if an example isn’t brought up that you feel is happening for you that yours is invalid, she can appear 10 billion different ways to 10 billion different people. She appears mostly, (appears means presence), when we call on her. 

1 The Divine Mother appears in those who are attuned

It doesn’t mean she’s not present with those who are not attuned. You can actually live your life attuned to that presence. Some of us have sensed her presence even though we are not tuned in. She has also appeared while some of us were using drugs, so we assumed that's how it happened.

Some of us have been on our knees crying in desperation, heard or felt her presence, and others not. You can’t put any kind of qualifications on those and don’t do comparisons. She’s always present. The Holy Spirit is like the light of God and the Holy Spirit is basically like your Aura. Most people can’t see their own aura’s and she is like your aura, she’s there giving you light, warmth, comfort, protection, which is what your aura does. But you can’t see it so how do you know it’s there? At some point you have to accept that it’s true, not because someone told you , try it out, does it make sense to you? She is with you all the time, she is the source of your light. It can’t not be there. 

2  Synchronicity- the first and most common form 

Not everyone seeks for or understands synchronicity. Synchronicity can also be produced by your ego. It frequently takes place. For instance, you might think that if a beautiful individual is looking back at you, it means you were meant to be together. We can sabotage synchronicity. We can infiltrate it, but watch and recognize synchronicities, healthy ones. When they’re love based, when they’re consistent. God knows He can’t tell us once. It’s going to take some consistent support behind synchronicities. So be careful, don’t just assume one thing means absolutes. 

3 Inspiration- The word inspiration means to inspire or be in spirit.

You’ll know the Holy Spirit is happening in you when you have those moments of inspiration. The Holy Spirit lifts you. To have the Holy Spirit in you makes you feel excited, alive, energized, ready to take on the world. 

Any inspiration we receive comes from God. The Holy Spirit is guiding us as to the direction we should go. Especially if we have chosen to reconnect to our Divine Selves and work our purpose. This new inspiration will likely be because of your new path. The Divine brings in blessing, abundance, and stability that cannot be taken away by Earthly plane issues and trends, whereas the stability from the Earthly plane is unstable and uncertain. You could lose your job, get laid off, the company closes, etc.

The more we accept that these bursts of inspiration may come from God, the more we will realize that they do. People often believe that inspiration is about them and their world, (which is still possible if you are cut off from Spirit). We sometimes think that this inspiration originates from our own ego or five senses, but even in those cases, we eventually discover Spirit was attempting to communicate with us and we forced it to do so through our five senses, which lessens the inspiration.

4 Channeling- sound, tones, messages, generally through the throat chakra 

The Divine Mother will come through us in forms of words. It could be Archangels, angels, guides, Spirit Guides, teachers, etc. It’s very similar to inspiration but channeling is more like something is coming through. That’s the Mother in the form of speaking or teaching. It doesn’t always have to do with discarnate beings. It can also come through as light language, speaking in tongues. As soon as the Mother enters a room, and there’s no room she isn’t in, she materializes, an all encompassing comfort. 

The Divine Mother is the one who awakens the Christ in us. We need the Mother to give birth to that inspiration that we think we’re looking for. She’s really birthing our memory, it’s not something new in us. That’s why it’s called the second coming. The first was the materialization of Jesus, the first manifestation of Christ Consciousness, fully awakened. The second coming is when it happens for any of us, allowing that which is already here to show itself. 

5 Hands- Your hands ignite- Healing

“You will see miracles through your hands through me”.....Jesus

The Divine Mother often shows up as healing in any form. It can be through the Power of Prayer but for the purposes of this article we are talking about the hands. 

You don’t have to touch anything or anyone in order for your hands to ignite. You don’t even have to be there in the room or with the person. It’s not about healing bodies. It’s about bringing the presence of God to people. That’s why Jesus continually healed others. There came a point where he said “Heal yourselves.” It’s not that he was angry or tired of it, it’s that he was here to heal our thought processes. He wants us to step up and become the healing that we are meant to do. Any kind of touch can be healing to others, hugging people, placing a hand on another’s during their time of strife, their shoulder, back, etc. When you do this it’s a way of anchoring the Divine Mother’s presence. In doing so you're telling her “not my will, but your will be done in and through me.” To be the presence of God. 

We have all done this at some point in time. It’s instinct, when you’re hurt such as a headache or shoulder/back pain, get a bug bite, checking a child’s cut or scratch, your hands instinctively go to that spot that is hurt. Your hands are trying to tell you here’s the natural thing to do when you feel pain. It provides comfort. If you can see that it’s the Mother who is coming through, it really changes the interpretation of what we think to do with our hands. 

6 Kundalini-  is your Consciousness

Here’s where it gets a little bit complicated. 

Kundalini in its greatest sense would start within yoga systems. In the Far East you were taught to balance your body with your mind. It was a system. In the West they go and do yoga. Your body is preparing for awakenings but you might not know that you’re doing it. So you’re prepping the body without the mind and have some Kundalini movement, or you could be doing spiritual work but not doing yoga and not taking care of the body. It is a body-mind-experience. Now you’re getting Kundalini rising and the body’s not ready. It really needs to be complete. 

Many would say if you’re going to experience Kundalini you have to have a master, teacher, or a guru. Authentic gurus know exactly what you need, what adjustments are needed, for the complete system. However, the Divine Mother can help you manage the awakening of the Kundalini Consciousness energy. Put it under her control. Don’t tell her I put my immediate Awakening in your control because you just told her what to do. Allow it to happen organically. You don’t need to feel or know that your Kundalini has activated, just be a nicer person. Work on that. It does no good to say your Kundalini is completely awakened but you’re still a jerk. Let’s say you feel your will Kundalini never awakens but you’re a wonderful person, that’s God. That’s more important. 

Kundalini is very often misunderstood. People can have premature Kundalini awakenings. When something didn’t go quite the way you intended it, it can go off. Sometimes the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. You might be spiritually ready but your body is not. All these things are happening because some people are literally doing exercises they aren’t ready for to force Kundalini. 

Think of Kundalini as synonymous with Consciousness. People start putting linear definitions to it and they think it’s some “thing.” Kundalini is your Consciousness. When someone says my Kundalini is rising, they are saying their consciousness is rising. On a zero to ten scale, you can go from being a 2 in consciousness, then some major things change in your life and you went to an 8. Your consciousness, known as kundalini, is going to go, well let me catch up, and it starts moving up your spine, and your body is going out of whack and you’re going through what feels like hell. 

Kundalini is like a serpent at the base of the spine, and there’s a point in our lives where the serpentine starts to move up to the crown, awakening the crown chakra. Some people feel that that’s the goal, to awaken the crown, but that’s not all. 

When it rises, it’s a fire essence. When you surrender to the Holy Spirit, she can send an obvious Kundalini rising which then takes all the meridians in the body that touch the Kundalini to a whole new level of power. It’s as though you go from energy to liquid light. It’s a whole new awakening, you’re being brought from being just a person working on yourselves to suddenly you’re turning to light. Your meridians are becoming like liquid light. Not just energy, it’s another level, entirely. 

It’s interesting because it’s as though the hand of God reaches down and says okay it’s time, come forward. Anything that is not liquid light consciousness has to get burned away, that’s where the discomforts in the body come to fruition. 

Kundalini is even affecting the Earth. The Earth itself had to stay at a certain density to hold dense people. Now the Earth Mother is finally being allowed (Earth Mother is a manifestation of the Divine Mother) to ignite a new level of consciousness. Since the Earth is activating to a new level it means the meridians (Earth meridians and human meridians) have to be activated as well. We have to be able to maintain the level of the Earth and it will be felt with the body. The Divine Mother is watching and helping the Earth do it as gracefully as possible. We have no choice but to move along with it. If all saw what was happening and we all held space for the Divine Mother, we could help her and she could help us, equally. We would rise to a new level of dimensionality, the 5th dimension. 

If however, greed, fear, shame, etc is running us, she is going to start to try to move, we’re going to pull her back, she is going to continue to push, and eventually the Earth changes. Which means our issues and situations happen at a much more intense level. The more we fight it, the more intense it will be. Some of the symptoms of illnesses that we see are actually related to the Kundalini movement and the tug of war we are having with the Divine Mother. This is why doctors don’t know what is wrong with patients and why medications are not working.   

7 Spontaneous Orgasms- Yes this really does happen

This one is in a sense in sync with the Kundalini segment. There are very few who will talk of the Divine Mother and orgasms in relation to each other. 

This is related to Kundalini because…it is being addressed separately because not all people with Kundalini awakenings feel these types of sensations. We’re not talking about sensual orgasms although it is included. We’re talking about the body and when it starts to have “shakes.” That doesn’t mean all forms of shaking. You could be on medication and it causes shakes. Don’t assume it’s the Holy Spirit being with you. You do have to be tactful because the shakes happen. Some of you have had this experience, don’t show it off, and don’t shame it either. 

It’s a form of channeling, the mother is present and moving through you. It’s a frequency that is beyond what your body is prepared for. Just understand this is a reaction to that frequency. For me whenever I do sessions my hands will shake, I can’t stop it or control it, I’ve adapted to it and for me personally I know the Holy Spirit is with me as I do my sessions, which is a comfort. When I don’t receive the sensations then I know I am not connected and need to reset my energy again. This also happens when I am out in public. I will be minding my own business and all of a sudden someone comes next to me and my right hand just whacks out. That’s the mother letting me know that person needs some kind of healing, and then I start talking with the person. 

Just enjoy it because it's God coming through, no matter how you feel a connection to the Divine Mother—whether it is through one of these ways or another. Take advantage of the indicators that the mother is with you, accept them, and more will come. Any of these are possible while we are awakening our mastery. Don’t get attached to them and don’t compare yourself to others with their connections. 

States of ecstasy are what they are termed because, in a sense, you have to be in some degree of an ecstatic condition for something to start happening, which is why it's easy to confuse them with the erotic world. It’s not as spontaneous as you may think, your soul is having a reaction and your body is responding to it. 

Although intimate encounters are possible, what could possibly be more intimate than union with God? Without realizing it, Spirit may surround you while you are in a state of meditation because you were so concentrated on something—a song, perhaps—and you were really feeling the beat and the words. As a result, you started responding. It feels so organic and natural to have God within you.

8 The Gifts of God

These are more of the traditional concepts of the gifts of God. If you research the Bible and see what they call the gifts of the Holy Spirit they would be beyond what has been discussed here. They would be like doing exorcisms, speaking in tongues, performing miracles, etc, the things you know that people have done when they’re channeling gifts of God. 

One of them is clearly called the gift of Prophecy. Prophecy is a good one to cover today as technically is what psychics do. If you’re psychic, then you are actually experiencing one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This gift is one that is to be used with discernment. Think before revealing any information. There will be times where you are shown the entire situation of someone but you're not supposed to tell the person everything that was revealed to you. It can be too much for them to handle and cause more issues for them. Make sure you pay attention to what the Mother is telling you and when you are being told not to reveal something.  

Fundamentalist would say no, psychic prophecy is of the devil, even though you are surrendering your sessions to God. Those in the church will say this can only be done if you go to our church, it’s hypocritical. 

Take off all the religious beliefs to it and give praise to the many ways the Divine Mother comes to us. Never underestimate it. Skepticism cannot control the mother, surrender to it and see the beauty of it. 

Tears can be a gift of God. It’s a form of channeling. It’s healing. It allows the Divine to come in and comfort you. You feel safe enough to allow yourself to feel your emotions. This is extremely difficult for some, they view the Earthly plane as cruel because of their experiences they have had, and so they function on automatic or robotic, not allowing themselves to feel anything. 

Whatever gifts you are given, embrace them, love them, and utilize common sense with discernment. This world does not love God, does not love the mother, therefore does not honor and love the gifts of God. This world fears them and they mean that you are free when you allow that flow to happen. This world does not promote freedom, it’s all about bondage. This is what we have done to it, created hate, fear, control, and bondage.

Find your freedom again, cry when you need to cry, laugh, paint, sing, feel. 

With the help of the Divine Mother, we as lightworkers are here to gently and lovingly birth the Christ Consciousness in others. To help them heal so they can reconnect to their Divine Selves and move lovingly into their Divine Paths. 

Much Love,

Awaken the Oracle

Credit also given to Michael Mirdad