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Is There Any Kind Of Structure To The Angels? Part 4 of 4

Is There Any Kind Of Structure To The Angels? Part 4 of 4

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

1st Peter 4:10


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Is There Any Kind Of Structure To The Angels?

Part 4 of 4

 I have decided to make this particular topic a series. There is so much information that I feel it would be too overwhelming to put it all into one article. Part 4 (the last in this series) discusses the Principalities, Archangels and Angels. Please note that although there are references from the traditional Christian Bible, angels are noted in many other sacred religious texts and teachings.

Angels who function as heavenly guides, protectors, and messengers to human beings:


Principalities are a choir of angels who remind people to look for wisdom and respond to those thoughts by encouraging, guiding, and sending new ideas to those facing challenges. Often, when a world leader needs help making decisions, it's a principality angel who helps, since they have been assigned to supervise all nations on Earth. They encourage people to regularly practice spiritual disciplines that will help them grow closer to their spiritual selves. Developing and maintaining good spiritual habits is the way to wisdom, these wise angels know, so they're constantly urging humans to do so. If someone is dealing with a great deal of stress or worrying about something, principality angels will try to break through to that person's mind with suggestions.

Humans who are facing challenging circumstances often hear from principality angels when they ask for help. Principalities answer those prayers in two ways: by giving humans joy that transcends difficult situations and motivates them and by sending humans ideas they can use to solve difficult problems.

Archangel Haniel the angel of joy, is a leading principality angel who often directs other principalities to respond to requests from people seeking encouragement. Haniel and other principalities refresh people's perspectives when they've become discouraged, so they can see that there is always hope for them. Archangel Chamuel, another principality, was present in the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus ascended from his human body to his Christed body of light, his lightbody.

Principality angels are also known for their work overseeing the various areas on Earth that have their own government: nations, states, provinces, counties, cities, towns, villages, etc.. They deliver universal wisdom to leaders as they face decisions about how best to govern people in specific areas. In the process, principalities help leaders learn how to be graceful as they govern. They urge leaders to balance truth and love as they exercise their authority over people. 

Throughout history, principality angels have inspired people working in the arts and sciences with new ideas. Wise principalities love to answer people's requests for inspiration by planting thoughts in people's minds that help them make progress on their work.

Whether it's helping someone compose beautiful music or revealing information to someone that leads to a scientific breakthrough, principality angels have often delivered the brilliant ideas that humans have prayed for through the years.

Principalities usually work in partnership with people's individual guardian angels to deliver these fresh ideas in ways that people can best receive and incorporate into their lives.

The Principalities preside over the bands of angels and charge them with fulfilling the divine ministry. There are some who administer and some who assist.

The Principalities are shown wearing a crown and carrying a sceptre. Their duty also is said to be to carry out the orders given to them by the upper sphere angels and bequeath blessings to the material world. Their task is to oversee groups of people. They are the educators and guardians of the realm of earth. Like beings related to the world of the germinal ideas, they are said to inspire living things to many things such as art or science.


Archangels and Angels

Archangels are the highest-ranking angels in heaven. They are given the most important responsibilities, and they travel back and forth between the heavenly and earthly dimensions as they work on missions from God to help human beings. In the process, each archangel supervises angels with different types of specialties – from healing to wisdom -- who work together on the light ray frequencies that correspond to the type of work they do. By definition, the word "archangel" comes from the Greek words "arche" (ruler) and "angelos" (messenger), signifying archangels' dual duties: ruling over the other angels, while also delivering messages to human beings. 


Archangels in World Religions

Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all give some information about the archangels in their various religious texts and traditions. However, while the different religions all say that archangels are incredibly powerful, they don’t agree on the details of what the archangels are like. Angels don't have a specific gender and can appear to humans in any form they choose, according to what will best accomplish the purpose of each of their missions.

Some scriptures imply that there are too many angels for humans to count. Only God knows how many archangels lead the angels that he has made. In the spiritual realm, archangels have the honor of enjoying time directly in the Divine's presence, checking in often to get new assignments for their work on Earth helping people. Archangels also spend time elsewhere in the spiritual realm fighting the darkness. One archangel in particular -- Michael -- directs the archangels and often takes the lead to battle evil with good, according to accounts in the Torah, Bible and Quarán. 

On Earth

Guardian angels are assigned to protect each individual person on Earth, but archangels are often sent to accomplish earthly tasks of a larger scale. For example, the archangel Gabriel is known for his appearances delivering major messages to people throughout history. Christians believe that God sent Gabriel to inform Mother Mary that she would become the mother of Jesus on Earth, while Muslims believe that Gabriel communicated the entire Qur’an to the prophet Muhammad. Seven archangels supervise other angels who work in teams to help answer prayers from people according to the type of help for which they're praying. Since the angels travel through the universe using the energy of light rays to do this work, various rays represent the kinds of angelic specialties. 

They are: 

*Blue (power, protection, faith, courage, and strength - led by Archangel Michael)

*Yellow (wisdom for decisions - led by Archangel Jophiel)

*Pink (representing love and peace - led by Archangel Chamuel)

* White (representing the purity and harmony of holiness - led by Archangel Gabriel)

* Green (representing healing and prosperity - led by Archangel Raphael)

* Red (representing wise service - led by Archangel Uriel)

* Purple (representing mercy and transformation - led by Archangel Zadkiel)

Their Names Represent Their Contributions


People have given names to the archangels who have interacted with humans throughout history. Most of the archangels' names end with the suffix "el" ("in God"). Beyond that, each archangel's name has a meaning that signifies the unique type of work that he or she does in the world. For example, archangel Raphael´s name means “God heals,” because Raphael delivers healing to people who are suffering spiritually, physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Another example is the archangel Uriel´s name, which means “God is my light.” Uriel shines the light of divine truth on the darkness of people’s confusion, helping them seek wisdom. 

The word "angels" or malakhim means messenger or envoy, are the lowest order of the angels and the most recognized. They are the ones most concerned with the affairs of living things. Within the category of the angels, there are many different kinds, with different functions. The angels are sent as messengers to humanity. Personal guardian angels also come from this classification. 

Thank you so much for taking the time for this series! I understand it may be a lot to take in, but the information will help you to help your clients and may enable you to answer questions the may have.

Much Love, 

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