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Who are the Crystal Children?

Who Are The Crystal Children?



From the beginning of time, we as humans have gone through different ages. Each new age is about every 2300 to 2600 years. The number of years in an age has been debatable but in all actuality time really does not exist. 

In our age we have had: 

  • The Greatest Generation – born 1901-1924.
  • The Silent Generation – born 1925-1945.
  • The Baby Boomer Generation – born 1946-1964.
  • Generation X – born 1965-1979.
  • Millennials – born 1980-1994.
  • Generation Z – born 1995-2012.
  • Gen Alpha – born 2013 – 2025.

            Note: for Gen Alpha I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty” (Revelation 1:8). 

The beginning of the Aquarian Age.

Each generation has incarnated here to help mankind in the transition to the new Aquarian age. The age of Jesus, love, kindness, compassion, mercy for one another. The age where there is no longer darkness or dark forces. Good will overcome Evil, Light will overcome the dark. 

We reached that pivotal moment into transition with the late stages of the Millennials. Those children born in the early 90s are considered Crystal Children. 

The Crystal Children are the main key to unlocking the Aquarian age. They are pure souls, in pure form. They have never incarnated to the earthly plane, and have no past lives. They have never separated from God and their souls have never split into two as each generation before them has. They are their true Divine Selves. 

Anyone older than the Crystal Children has a split soul. They incarnated to the earthly plane, and as children due to earthly plane experiences, separated from God, and their souls split into two- the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. They work the earthly plane as one of these aspects. Their mission is to reconnect to their Divine Selves and start working the earthly plane in their pure form and connected to God. 

        The Divine Masculine- Masculine Energy- not gender:

     He is very much attached to the earthly plane. He is focused on his accomplishments. He does what he needs to in order to take care of those in his environment, ex. works  two jobs. He is focused on material gain, keeping up with current trends and having what everyone else has. He does love, but is emotionally distant. He is capable of love but does not have a full understanding of love. He has some knowledge of the Divine but again does not have a full understanding. He is in survival mode as he works the earthly plane. Very connected with the Root Chakra. 

     The Divine Feminine- Feminine Energy- not gender:               

     She is the opposite of the Divine Masculine. She is very much attached to the spiritual realm. She has a strong relationship with God and the Divine Ones. She does not make any decision without talking with them first. She is very motherly- full of love, kindness, caring to all of those around her. She can take any inspiration given to her from the divine and create a very abundant life because she understands it is coming from the Divine. She can be naïve or gullible to the inner workings of the earthly plane. Doesn't understand the cruelty to others, the materialism, the heaviness, etc.  Very connected to the Heart Chakra

To repeat, the Crystal Children never separated from God and their souls never split. They are highly intuitive, highly gifted, highly intelligent. Autistic Children are Crystal Children. They do not understand gender or how the earthly plane is. Because they are in pure form they are very naïve, gullible, and easily manipulated. The dark forces will do whatever than can to prevent these children from achieving their mission of helping human forms transition to the new age. If we come into Light then they no longer have power. They will lose everything they have worked so hard to achieve: pain, suffering, greed, hate, anger, rage. They will lose all control over mankind. 

One way of achieving their goal is with the Autistic Children. If the dark forces can convince their parents that their children are not “normal” and try to force them into earthly plane expectations then they can push down their abilities and gifts they brought with them when they incarnated. The children then felt awkward, lost, and confused. The parents are depressed and have high anxiety because their children do not fit into society. Negative emotions keep the dark ones in power. 

Another way of achieving their goals are with transgender minors. If they can force their souls to split (Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine) then they can maintain their power. By convincing the parents (Piscean Age human forms) who have little or knowledge of what is going on in the Divine Realms, that every child is trans and should have surgery to “pick their gender” is the right thing to do in society today, they are able to stay in power. 

Having these Crystal Children split their souls as minors is extremely important. Once they become adults they cannot be stopped in fulfilling their mission of transitioning the Aquarian Age. The child’s soul is damaged and polluted and will have to go through the same process of reconnecting their Divine Selves as Piscean Age humans are having to do now. They will no longer have the power to move in between both worlds. Those who are able to move in between both worlds can spiritually see, hear, feel, and receive messages that others cannot. 

Their body is forced into hormone replacement therapy medications which also affects the soul and causes soul confusion. When the soul is confused it sends out its distress in the body. Depression, anxiety, and severe permanent health conditions can occur. 

These children will never feel whole even with the alteration surgery. They will always feel incomplete. There are limitations to the surgery. Science is working to be able to allow men to have children however, Crystal Children who have the surgeries are told they will not have menstrual cycles or be able to physically give birth. The reason for that is because the Crystal Child’s DNA will carry on to future generations. That is what the dark ones are trying to prevent. Their ultimate mission is to remain in control of human forms.

So when you see and hear in any media platform the push for these alterations in children, know there is a goal in mind in the background. One should never give into the demands of society. 

My beloved lightworkers, keep shining your light and working your mission. We are so very needed for this transition into the Aquarian Age. In doing so, the Light will overcome the dark. 

Much Love, 

Awaken the Oracle