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Who Is Your Archangel?

Who is your Archangel?



Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

1st Peter 4:10



Are you aware of who your Archangel is? That one angel sent to help you in your life’s journey? We all have them, they are here to aid us when we need the help. All we have to do is come from a pure heart of faith and then ask. 

When find yourself in need of help from your Archangel, you need to ask for the help, give thanks and blessings. Archangels only come when help is truly needed. You should look for the signs given by your Archangel for your answers. You should build a relationship with your beloved Archangel and speak to them daily, just as you do with Spirit. 

How to make their request: 

I am ready to create and embrace you, know your love, your power, and I surrender, in order to help me through my physical life for the highest good.

Please bring to life anything that I need to help me be a better person to better serve spirit.

I will follow your guidance. God Bless you and Thank you Repeat 3 times 

The Element of Fire (South): Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The element of Fire can both create and destroy. It is an active element. Whenever we need a transformation to happen, to destroy the old and make room for the new.

Element of Fire Archangel is Michael:

When you feel unbalanced you can fall into depression, anxiety, worry, etc. In asking for help,  Archangel Michael will send you inspiration to seek the love of Spirit. He helps to see the light and dark sides of one’s soul and to spread the love of Spirit’s light. He relieves the man from his depression, opens the heart and ignites the fire of love. 

Spiritual direction – the Thought.

Crystal and stones to carry or have close, they are great if you want to: increase energy, increase vital power, awakened enthusiasm, protect your aura,  strengthen your will, perform purification.

Amber, Apache Tear, Citrine, Carnelian, Ruby, Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Flint, Sardonyx, Red Tourmaline, Sunstone, Spinel, Sulfur.

The Element of Water (West): Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water is the basis of all life. It has cleansing and healing properties. Water is also the fundamental force behind our emotions, including love and friendship.

Element of Water Archangel is Gabriel:

When you feel unbalanced you are being controlled by your fears. In asking Archangel Gabriel for help, he will encourage you, and aid you in releasing the mental anguish you are feeling. He frees us from our fears and conveys spiritual information. Here the wisdom and intuition flow into your consciousness: he becomes flexible and open so that you can be happy on this Earth. 

Spiritual direction – Willpower.

Crystal and stones to carry or have close, they are great for:

induce healing, make peace with someone, make new friends, perform purification, induce peace, expand universal love, induce lucid dreams, practice divination ,increase intuition:

Amethyst, Aquamarine, Azurite, Celestite, Chrysocolla, Coral, Mother-of-pearl, Lapis lazuli, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Pearl, Blue and Pink Tourmaline, Sapphire, Selenite, Sodalite.

The Element of Air (East): Libra, Aquarius, Gemini 

The air element represents the power of the mind. It brings imagination and inspiration, new ideas and visionary leadership. It is the element of travel and communication.

Element of Air Archangel is Raphael: 

When you are unbalanced the downfall comes. The name Raphael means “God heals”. He sends the breath of God into the material world as the healing Light. His responsibility is to spread the godly wisdom through the healing Light. Therefore, the Archangel Raphael repairs any found disharmony with love. His light heals and gives strength to restore the contact with the order of the higher level light. He is the healer of body, mind and soul and helps to realize that everything is interconnected and nothing remains separate. 

Spiritual direction – the Soul.

Crystal and stones to carry or have close to you, they are great if you want to:

enhance your intellectual abilities, develop inspiration, improve memory, improve communication, expand awareness, bring up new possibilities:

Aventurine, Opal, Tiger's eye, Mica, Topaz, White Fluorite, Turquoise

The Element of Earth (North): Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth is the principle element of our body. It is the realm of prosperity, abundance, and growth.

Element of Earth Archangel is Uriel: 

When you are unbalanced you feel anxious. The name Uriel means “God is light”. He keeps softly whispering words of encouragement and sends diversions when he sees a man in darkness or when the mind is clouded with doubts.  With his radiating light he shows the path of life on this Earth. Here the man finds balance, peace and serenity of Spirit. 

Spiritual direction – the Intellect.

Crystal and stones to carry or have close to you, they are great for: grounding your energy, center and stabilize your energy, protect your energy field, attract money, gain strength, attract success, improve fertility, have healthy plants, aid your green thumb:

Agate, Moss Agate, Calcite, Diamond, Emerald, Jasper, Jet, Malachite, Onyx, Black Tourmaline.


There is the last one. Akasha or Ether is the fifth element (Center):

He is the binding power that keeps all the other elements together. He holds  the past, present and future collective experiences of man.

The element of Aether - Archangel Nathaniel – When this element is unbalanced the person tends to complain. We all know a person like this! 

The power of Nathaniel is in everything that starts anew, grows, develops and rises up into the medium of higher vibrations. He helps man understand that his consciousness has no limits and that all the knowledge resides in himself. He helps to realize that the human body is an exact copy of the Earth and that all the information about it is hidden in our bodies. We need to go forth instead of complaining and moaning. 

Spiritual direction – the Spirit.

Much love,

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