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Virgo August 23rd Birthday Angel Messages

Virgo August 23rd Birthday Angel Messages


The angels are currently assisting you with keeping your thoughts light and positive. It suggests that you keep your personal truths and values in focus and work towards fulfilling your Divine life purpose and soul mission. Trust that the angels and Ascended Masters are always available for guidance and assistance.

Bring your natural abilities to the fore and utilize them for the benefit of yourself and others, as by using your natural attributes, skills and talents you are able to create circumstances in your life that are more aligned with your true inner-self. Once you take steps in the right direction the Universe assists you by presenting auspicious opportunities and synchronicities for you to take advantage of. Look out for the signs, listen to your intuition, and do as your soul guides you.

Pursuing your Divine life purpose will reap many long-term benefits and rewards for you on all levels. Trust that you are on the right path and that the angels are encouraging and supporting you in your efforts. Keep up the good work and continue to manifest your good.

Happiness is your true, innate nature, and mindfulness, gratitude, creativity, compassion and community help you to cultivate happiness into your life every day.


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