All Sessions Are In ENGLISH. Sessions Are NOT Translated!

Aries Meet Your Etheric Council Tarot Reading
Aries Meet Your Etheric Council Tarot Reading
Aries Meet Your Etheric Council Tarot Reading
Aries Meet Your Etheric Council Tarot Reading
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Aries Meet Your Etheric Council Tarot Reading

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Please read the entire description before purchasing.

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Meet Your Etheric Council Tarot Reading

The Etheric Council are advisors you meet with before incarnating to the Earthly plane. This is where you see the life you have now and go over what is being expected of you while you are here. This reading connects you to your council and Master Guide to see what messages they have for you and to give you advice and support where you need it most at this time.

This is a video reading. You will receive a PRIVATE link to stream the reading within 5 business days after purchase. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX! Session will be sent to email address you use to place your order.

Minimum 13 Card Reading.



How long before I see results from my session?

That all depends on you and if you accept what has been shown to you. If you like what Spirit has shown you and you have faith the changes can be made then it can take days or up to 3-6 months. You should start to see the beginnings of the reading within a couple weeks. 

How long should I wait to have another session with you or any other reader?

This is very important! In order for you to see results it is recommended to only have a reading once every three months. This gives time for their soul to digest and absorb the session.  You will start to see results by being more aware of the signs, symbols, and synchronicities around you. Being consistent in your communications with our Creator and the divine is instrumental to the guidance you will receive. 

Please also note: When you change Spiritual Healers or even watch different channels online all the time it puts your soul in a state of confusion and it doesn’t know what direction to go in. Then your soul gets stuck and keeps you where you began.


How do I get my reading?

You will receive a PRIVATE link to stream your session to the email that you used to place your order. Make sure you check your spam box. The link is confidential and can only be shared if you choose to share it with others. I do not delete the video for one year so you can review it as many times as you wish or if you would like to take notes.

Do you have limits to the types of readings you do?

My readings are based on YOUR soul  therefore: 

I DO NOT do 3rd party readings such as: ex partners, family members, sister, brother, co-workers, or if your significant other is cheating, These examples considered stalking/spying, however I WILL do readings that are a couple/marriage and/or your adult children as they are a part of your everyday life. 

I DO NOT do readings on the person they are cheating with. 

I WILL NOT tell you if you will win the lotto

I WILL NOT tell you when you're going to die.

I WILL NOT tell you if you are ill

I DO NOT speak with those who have crossed over 

Do you have a sample of a session so I can see if I will resonate with you?

You can view a reading from my YouTube channel to see if you feel we are a good fit

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How long is my session?

I don’t put a timeframe on a session. The session can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.  If certain cards come out, I will do another reading to obtain more information on that card/message (included with the order). Usually they run approximately 20-35 mins. It all depends on what the Spiritual Realm and your Soul needs to express. 

What experience do you have?

I am a Soul Reader, which is different from a traditional tarot reader. I am Claircognizant (meaning to have spiritual knowledge) and Clairsentient (meaning to have spiritual feeling). It’s something I have had my entire life. 

As a soul reader I will not tell you if you will win the lotto or if your significant other is cheating on you. I do not read court cards. I find the court cards to be outdated and quite honestly the readings are about YOU and how YOU can adjust to events around you. You cannot control what others do nor can you control life/world events that are thrown at you, but you can adjust to those situations. I do not read reversals. I find I receive all the information that is needed in the upright position. If these things are important to you, there are many other readers who can help you. My only concern is the state of the soul.

My readings are based at the soul level, they are compelling and reveal what the spiritual realm and your soul wants you to know. This is very powerful information to have as it will bring you new perspectives and nudgings from within your soul to guide you in the direction of your predestined path.  

Prices are current as of the date of video upload and are subject to change. *Sessions are non-refundable as they are custom.

Required Legal Disclaimer:

I am a Certified Spiritual Soul Reader however, any information presented here is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used in place of professional medical and/or psychological treatment. The information presented here should be considered for legal purposes as "for entertainment only." 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Patrice Waller
Very Pleased

I enjoyed my reading very much. It confirmed things for me. I feel I am better prepared to travel my path and to embrace the changes that are to come. Also I am more consciously aware of my spirit guides from having this reading. Thank you!

Helpful Guidance

I received a lot of guidance from this reading that was much needed. I liked the format of a video reading and the shuffling at the beginning was interesting. I enjoyed it! Thank you:)