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What Is The Work Of A Lightworker?

What Is The Work Of A Lightworker?

Lightworkers are those who are in the process of remembering their Light and what they are here to do; be of service to others and love one another, help humanity. Christ consciousness is the Light of God on the Earthly plane, so we are carrying the torch of the Light of God. We are the torch bearers, the light bearers, or light bringers.

The true meaning of Lightworker has over the years been misused and mislabeled. People use the term out of context that has nothing to do with God. They single out other people to make themselves appear more important, they carry hate, anger, and judgment towards others who are not “like them.”  Those are not Lightworkers. Lightworkers are those who are working to manifest the Light, the presence of God. It’s not ego based, selfish, or a “my group only.” It is ANYONE who is doing the work of Light. Anyone who says they are a Lightworker and has managed to push God out of their work is not a Lightworker. 

We’ve never left the mind of God, the consciousness of God, we are always in the consciousness of God. Our inheritance is to be completely one with God, however we’ve reduced ourselves to being nothing of Light. 

We’re lightworkers because we are the Light of God and we chose to remember who we really are. We then chose to step into our Lightwork as God designed us to do. 

What is the work of a Lightworker?

In the Bible there are numerous verses in which God and Jesus tell us that we are to use the gifts they have given to each of us on the Earthly plane to help humanity. You can do your research to confirm this if you so desire. Jesus has even stated in a Course in Miracles, “You will see miracles through your hands through me. Everything that comes from Love is a miracle.”

We are to be of service to others and love one another. God, Self, Others. We are to bring light to those in darkness, to be healers. When we dedicate our lives to being Lightworkers, people can hear it, see it, and sense it. They become drawn to us because they sense we can help them return to the Light. Children and animals may be drawn to you as well. We are the conduits. The Divine uses us to remove the darkness from others and fill them with Light. 

When you consciously make the decision to reconnect to your Divine Self and be the person God has created you to be, your Light will radiantly glow. Some people may be angry with you or even hate you for the path you have chosen. There are those who have hurt you mentally, physically, and emotionally over your lifetime. These toxic people can see your Light and desire to diminish it so you don’t reconnect to your Divine Self and be the Lightworker for God. Do not allow them to diminish your Light and who you are. Those are people who chose to stay in the darkness and resent you for having the Light. To the pure in heart, all things are pure. To the wicked, all things are wicked. 

We are here to be the presence of God. We don’t quit, we feel in our souls there is no other option but to be a Lightworker for God. It’s our mission, so to speak. Yes we get tired, burnt out, and upset with what humanity is capable of doing to one another, but we get back up and continue on. You have to remember to have boundaries, watch the emotional attachments, and to spend time with God everyday so that He can replenish you. Prayer is speaking to God, meditation is listening to God.

The work of a Lightworker is also about how we deal with life. How we deal with people. What we do with our lives. The decisions that we make. The relationships we have, family, friends, and romantic. A Lightworker knows that if we are here to anchor in the Light of God we have to learn how to handle problematic people and situations, family, friends, partners. They understand that although these types of people are problematic and stressful they still deserve love. Sending them love wholeheartedly, not grudgingly, resentfully or with an attitude. When you grudgingly send love there is a connotation that they are lesser than you and undeserving of love. 

You are allowed to have doubts and tell God this is really hard or this is a really tough case, this person is stubborn, and a jerk and I’m so frustrated with them. Be honest about the situation. But find a place that doesn’t approach that response to them from your head, find some way to approach from a place of love and understanding.  If you have truly done your best work you can with that person and it’s still challenging for you or triggers you, then you need to tell God they need to be released from you and your life. God may not immediately remove the person.  He may wait to see if it’s just a bad day with this person, but as you continue talking to Him, He will release the person when he sees you just can’t do it anymore. That person will then be sent to another Lightworker and you will have to either heal from the situation if it was a trigger or work with Divine on how to handle it better next time. There will be a next time. Not only are you helping others but you are also helping yourself by strengthening your weaker areas. There is always an exchange in learning and growth. Jesus has stated “time is never wasted” so don’t feel because that person you were trying to help didn’t work out you failed or wasted your time and theirs. That’s not how the Divine works. 

How does God use Lightworkers as conduits?

This varies from person to person. Your gifts (abilities) that He has given to you is the main way. It could also be by you taking someone’s hand, listening to someone, the tone of your voice could be soothing to others, even a smile. We are all individuals so how God channels through each of us is different and also on  what we allow by our filters. I do not want to see those who have crossed over and have talked with the Divine about my being uncomfortable with it, so I do not experience this. However others are very open to it and they can see them. 

A Lightworker is not a person who says they want to be a Lightworker and think there’s a group or organization that’s going to test them and somehow test their past lives to make sure that they have been perfect and devotional for a certain amount of lifetimes. God doesn’t care what your background is. You could be a drug addict, a prostitute, have been the most horrible person in your past, and it doesn’t matter. When you tell God you want to be a Lightworker the wheels get set into motion. God knows you’re someone who knows how to be around some really dark people and He needs someone who can work in those types of situations. The twelve disciples did not have holy backgrounds at all. Your history gets used in a perfect way, according to what God needs. 

Why does God use Lightworkers as conduits?

There are  many people, especially in this day and age, who do not believe in God, Jesus, or the Divine. Many were raised to not believe at all. While others went through negative or traumatic experiences that polluted the soul and they and closed the door to the Divine out of anger or resentment because of those experiences. We are in human form and have the mindset of I will believe it when I see it. So God uses Lightworkers to help others regain their Light.

With the removal of God from everything, there was the removal of Light and moving into darkness. Now the time has come for the new age, The Age of Aquarius or the Age of Alpha, where we move from that darkness and into the Light. The darkness does not want this to happen. They will lose their power and control over humanity so Lightworkers are helping the Divine to bring others into the Light. Jesus has stated he needs lightworkers now more than ever. So many have turned their backs on the Divine. 

When we decided we wanted to be Lightworkers we took on the responsibility of healing others and bringing them into the Light of God. This is not something that should be taken lightly but done with love, joy, and excitement. 

“The power to work your Light belongs to you, the Divine will arrange the right opportunities for you to do them, But you must be ready and willing to do them, since you are already able to.” Jesus 

Much Love,

Awaken the Oracle

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